Richard Simmons hasn’t been seen in over 2 years …

1216-richard-simmons-tmz-01Richard Simmons has not been seen in open for roughly 2 years, and that’s accurately a approach he wants it given he only doesn’t wish to be famous anymore.

It’s entrance adult on 2 years given Richard dead from open perspective … abandoning longtime friends, and even branch his behind on his famous practice studio where he was a fixture.

Friends and family were so dumbfounded they called a police, who did a gratification check in January, though a cops contend Richard was wholesome and relaxed.

Richard’s repute tells TMZ, a practice guru is “happily vital life outward a open eye.” Richard’s people have never pronounced because he abruptly left … mostly retreating to a proportions of his home.

It’s engaging … nonetheless Richard hasn’t shown adult during his practice studio for good over a year, when we call a series it sounds like Richard might always lapse a subsequent day … though that he only isn’t there “today.”

The repute says Richard is still committed to assisting a “obese and overlooked” and is operative “behind a scenes” on gift projects.