Richard Engel Writes Emotional Essay After 3-Year-Old Son Says ‘Dada’ for a First Time

Richard Engel‘s son called him “Dada” for a initial time — and Engel can’t stop lovingly pity his excitement.

Engel, 45, opened adult on the Today show Friday morning and penned an romantic essay about how conference a word “Dada” was extra-special to him, after his son Henry, 3, was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome, a singular genetic neurological commotion that leads to serious earthy and cognitive impairments.

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“Our son Henry is 3 and a half years aged and has special needs,” Engel began his essay. “His earthy and mental growth aren’t on gait with other children. So when we got a Dada from him, we went a small wild.”

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Engel afterwards told a story of how a “Dada” happened.

“As we was singing good morning to Henry and reconnecting after a prolonged outing away, he looked during me, sealed eye-contact and said, transparent as any word, ‘Dada.’ “

“He didn’t usually contend it once,” Engel added, “but dual or 3 times. There was an coercion and fad to it.”

“Henry had done a sound before. ‘Da-Da,’ or ‘Ga-Da,’ and even vaguely done it about me, when we was in a room with him or holding him tighten to my face,” he continued. “But this time it was stronger and some-more decisive. Dada was a singular word and he was clearly looking during me, articulate to me, addressing me.”

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“To relatives with typically building children, a small Dada might not seem like a large deal,” a unapproachable father said. “But for me it was a validation, an confirmation that he’s in there, knows me, knows that his mom and we are army for good in his life, and above all, that he loves us.”

“It was something I’d been watchful for for years,” a NBC match combined on the Today show Friday morning. “A lot of parents, it happens naturally, it happens early on. Henry’s conditions is different.”

“My universe illuminated up,” he said.

Richard Engel with his wife, Mary, and son Henry

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In Jan 2018, Engel opened adult to PEOPLE about he and his mother Mary’s fears about Henry’s future.

“My son is substantially not going to walk, substantially not going to speak, substantially not going to have any mental ability over a turn of a 2-year-old,” he said.

Engel is also operative with Dr. Huda Zoghbi, who is stability to investigate an curiosity in Henry’s box (unlike in many Rett cases, he appears to have usually a prejudiced turn of a MECP2 gene on his x-chromosome). Henry’s relatives wish that she will be means to clear a heal before he practice a many serious delegate symptoms of a disorder.

“If Henry can heal himself or lead to a cure, it would give his life meaning,” Engel said. “It would give his life a stress over a stress of many lives.”