RHOC Alum Gretchen Rossi Details ‘Struggles’ with IVF: We’re Currently ‘Awaiting a Outcome’

Gretchen Rossi is dynamic to enhance her family.

The former Real Housewives of Orange County star recently non-stop adult to PEOPLE about her and fiancé Slade Smiley‘s tour toward carrying children together around in vitro fertilization.

“Many celebrities in Hollywood glamorize a ability to have babies approach adult into your late 40s and a law is that some of them are not revelation a full story,” says Rossi, 39.

“A lot of women in their 40s are removing pregnant regulating an egg donor and not disclosing this. This is since we find it critical to inspire women who are possibly career-focused or cruise they can only get profound approach into their 40s to cruise frozen their eggs while they are younger.”

“Scientifically, it is only a proven fact that a eggs turn reduction viable a comparison we get and after going by a struggles Slade and we have gone by to get pregnant a final few years, we wish someone had told me during a most younger age to solidify my eggs,” she adds of herself and her beau, who has dual children from a prior marriage.

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The integrate — who got intent in 2013 after Rossi popped a doubt on RHOC — are now undergoing their second turn of IVF. Their idea is to collect as many viable eggs as they can before a carefree mom-to-be’s ovarian haven runs out.

“We are so beholden to Dr. Surrey during SCRC for creation this routine reduction stressful and giving us hope,” Rossi tells PEOPLE. “We are available a outcome of a final IVF cycle to find out if we have any viable embryos in sequence to make and hopefully turn pregnant.”

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The Gretchen Christine engineer told PEOPLE in Sep 2016 that a highway to pregnancy has not been easy for her and Smiley, 44, who underwent a vasectomy annulment in Dec 2015 for Rossi’s 37th birthday.

“We have been full-steam forward on perplexing to start a family. It’s been a good dual to dual and a half years of unequivocally perplexing actively to have a baby,” she said. “That’s been, utterly honestly, really formidable on us since he had a vasectomy and so we couldn’t get profound naturally super quick.”

“So we did IVF initial and we had such good formula during a commencement and afterwards a day before they were ostensible to make all a embryos – we had 14 embryos – fundamentally what happened was they arrested, that means they all died off,” Rossi lamented. “That was really humiliating and a really formidable time for us and it was only emotionally, physically and mentally intensely draining.”