Remy Ma Wears All Black To Slam Nicki Minaj: we Won’t ‘Speak Ill Of The Dead’

What turn is this?! Remy Ma usually took ANOTHER shot during Nicki Minaj in their nasty argument when she seemed on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ on Mar 3! She intentionally wore all black wake clothes to indicate out that Nicki was ‘dead.’ You have to watch a sardonic moment, right here!

Nicki Minaj, 34, can not be happy right now! Remy Ma, 36, usually dissed her on inhabitant TV when she hidden that Nicki was “dead” — presumably from Remy’s large disses — when she seemed on The Wendy Williams Show with her biggest fan, Fat Joe, 46, on Mar 3.

Let us remind we that Remy was usually on a uncover to pronounce out about her argument with Nicki, oh and to foster her new strain too. So, when Wendy asked Remy since she was “dressed for a funeral” Remy replied, “My grandmother never told me to pronounce ill of a dead,” aka, Nicki. OUCH. The whole throng roared with a loud, “ooohhhhh,” like it was a high propagandize corridor diss, and Remy knew she got a final word in.

Before Remy threw down a oppressive diss to finish her interview, she done it seem like she had cooled down. She claimed that she didn’t wish any problems with anyone, and that this was about Nicki perplexing to take her down “behind a scenes.” Now, we’re not observant Remy played a victim, though she did admit, “When you’re tryna stop my bag, when you’re tryna stop me from holding caring of my children; we have a problem with that… You’re [Nicki] so adult and you’re so on tip of everybody, and you’re improved than everybody; Why are we so disturbed about me? Like we usually came home from prison, we don’t wish no problems with nobody.” Hmm…

This whole argument between Nicki and Remy was rumored to have started behind in 2016 when Nicki forsaken a lane titled, “Wait a Minute (Remix)”. Fans suspicion it was a diss to Remy, when Nicki claimed to be improved than someone on a song. Well, Remy seemed to transparent those rumors adult when she fundamentally certified that beef unequivocally did come of a track, though not since of a lyrics.

Nicki Minaj — See Pics Of The Rapper

Remy told Wendy that it was a “behind a scenes things” that no one ever knew about that got her blood boiling. Remy claimed that behind a scenes, Nicki was compelling that a lane [“Wait a Minute”] was going to “end Remy.” She also indicted Nicki of perplexing to keep her from red carpets and so most more. You can get a dip on a oppressive accusations, right here.

While their play remained underneath wraps, things blew adult recently when Nicki forsaken a strain with Gucci Mane, 37, on Feb, 25, titled, “Make Love”. Nicki didn’t name any names, though fans speculated that it was all about Remy.

At that point, Remy was prepared to respond. She took things to another turn when she forsaken a sardonic 7-minute track, titled, “shETHER”. The strain contained furious allegations, where she indicted Nicki of removing boundary injections, sleeping with Trey Songz, 32, using a ghostwriter and more. The cover art for a strain even enclosed a damaged and bloody barbie with a pinkish wig; apparently a shot during Nicki. Although Nicki didn’t respond, Remy forsaken ANOTHER diss track, days later, on Mar 2. Yikes!

HollywoodLifers, what do we consider of Remy’s diss? Do we consider Nicki will come behind twice as hard? Tell us below!