Reese Witherspoon & Ava: Innovator Awards In NYC

Mama’s mini-me! Academy Award-winning singer Reese Witherspoon rocked a red runner with daughter Ava, 18, at the WSJ Magazine’s 2017 Innovator Awards on Wednesday (November 1). The lookalike twin were all smiles in their relating black outfits during a Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The Wild actress, 41, rocked a Giorgio Armani dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Cartier jewelry while carrying a Tyler Ellis clutch. Meanwhile, Ava went for a color-coordinated demeanour in a Balmain dress and Gianvito Rossi sandals.

WSJ recently named Reese their Entertainment Innovator of a Year and put her on a cover of their Innovators Issue.

The Oscar leader — who is also mom to sons Deacon, 14, and Tennessee, 5 — non-stop adult to WSJ about her sepulchral career.

On her many talents: “I know I’m good during things. And I’m over being diffident about it. Do basketball players have to lay there and act coy? Tell me something: Does LeBron James twiddle his thumbs and say, ‘Jeez, I’m kind of good during shooting, and we theory I’m OK during dribbling and passing’? No, he’s like, ‘I’m amazing! we rock!’ we wish some-more actresses had that kind of bravado.”

On being ambitious: “I was never going to be an actor who lives in their automobile since their dream was so big. [If behaving didn’t work] we would have left from Stanford to medical propagandize and turn a surgeon. Right now, I’d substantially be a premier surgeon and pediatric cardiologist during Vanderbilt University … What? I’m only being honest. I’m ambitious, and I’m over stealing that.”

On a prolongation association Hello Sunshine (which engrossed her final association Pacific Standard): “I wasn’t being offering opportunities to grow my association until we got that third hit. A man has one strike during Sundance, and he gets Jurassic World.”

On women in Hollywood: “We women are too gifted to be fighting over roles like this. Laura, Nicole and we kept looking around saying, ‘We would never be on set together!’ My partial is estimable to her part, that is estimable to Laura’s part, that is estimable to Shailene’s and Zoë’s.”

On her line Draper James: “Well, we was being approached by other brands that were formed in a Northeast, and we thought, we don’t unequivocally know anything about that, though what we do know is how pleasing a South is, and we had this implausible upbringing there.”

On always holding on to that Elle Woods mentality: “You can be unapologetically delicate though also intelligent and driven. At slightest once a week we have a lady come adult to me and say, ‘I went to law propagandize since of Legally Blonde.’ It’s incredible.”

For some-more from Reese, go to WSJ