Ravi Shastri: The boys have now turn men

Rajkot : Indian group executive Ravi Shastri during a use event forward of third ODI compare opposite South Africa during Rajkot on Saturday. PTI Photo by Shashank Parade (PTI10_17_2015_000114A) Ravi Shastri (Source: PTI)

After India’s 3-0 Test array delight opposite South Africa, Team India executive Ravi Shastri is unapproachable of his lads, who he says have spin men. In an speak with bcci.tv, Shastri, in fact, calls a side’s opening no “lesser than any team’s opening given a time cricket started in India”. Excerpts.

You pronounced before this array that this will be a many ancestral array in India given a 2001 Test array opposite Australia. And in many ways that has come true.

There was a reason for observant that. we only had that premonition that this is going to be massive. We were personification a No. 1 group in a world. For me, when we speak about shared series, Tests are what matters. No one remembers these ODI and T20I shared series. In those formats it is a World Cups that matter. Test cricket doesn’t have World Cups, and it is really frequency that we get to play opposite a No. 1 team. The mindset was to set a record straight. A lot of sound was finished over a surfaces we had, though both teams had to play on those pitches. And everybody who watched a array will know that a improved group was.

This group has been in transition for a while. Do we consider with this array win that transition is complete? Have a boys spin men?

They have. And this comes out of honour for a South African team. They are a many unchanging group in a universe opposite all formats. Whatever conditions they play in, there are a damn good side, and they showed that in a ODIs and a T20Is. To have a record where we are dominant abroad for 9 years is amazing. It compares with a West Indies group of my time and a Australian group during a spin of a century. For a boys to do what they have finished opposite such a team, they should suffer and delight it…This opening is not obtuse than any team’s opening given a time cricket started in India.

Right by a array a batsmen were pushed outward their comfort zone. How large an preparation was this for them?

Look during Ajinkya Rahane. The approach he got out in a initial Test — once fortifying and once personification an aggressive shot. And we saw how he batted in a final Test in Delhi. He was certain in conflict and defence, that is a name of a game. The problem what we’ve had in a Indian group is that a boys don’t play adequate domestic cricket, and it is not their fault. The calendar is so packed. So, a footwork and a approach they play spin bowling on branch tracks, that aspect needs large improvement. That will come when we are unprotected to these conditions. They have played abroad for a final dual years and when they came home for this series, a conditions they have grown adult in were unexpected unfamiliar to them. But it was an education.

It also brought out a other side of a few players. Shikhar Dhawan for instance… played a really uncharacteristic game.

In fact, we told him after a match, ‘You scored 20s and 30s in this array though don’t ever forget that those runs are priceless. They are as critical as a 70, 80 or hundred on any other surface. You stalled a new-ball bowlers, kept them during brook and took your side in a plain position’… It was a facet of his diversion he didn’t know existed. How many people would have suspicion AB de Villiers would bat for 3 sessions for 40 runs? For me, a honour for him has left several notches higher. Shikhar did a same thing.

You have seen Virat closely given he took over a captaincy. Have we beheld any expansion or change in him as a chairman and as captain?

December 9, 2014, a immature male captained India in a Test compare for a initial time, in Adelaide. A year after we can contend that he is now a personality of men… The final dual days of a Delhi Test acted a opposite kind of plea for a team. It is one thing perplexing to get a batsmen out when they are scoring runs. But when they have motionless to close shop, it is really formidable for a bowling group to prize them out. For me, a final day’s cricket in Delhi was fabulous. What stood out in a group was a intensity. You never saw a shoulders dropping or a heads falling. They chipped away, one over during a time, and when a event came, after tea, they blew a antithesis away. It was a fantastic finish. The spectators got their money’s value in a final 20 mins of that Test.