Ranbir Kapoor on Sanjay Dutt biopic: I’d got so spooky with him that it became illness for me

Ranbir Kapoor in his dress adult as Sanjay Dutt for a film.

Ever given a cinema of Ranbir Kapoor’s looks in a Sanjay Dutt biopic were leaked online, fans have been watchful anxiously for some-more sum about a film. Sharing sum about how it took 4 months to emanate that look, that too after a lot of failures, he also spoke about how daunting a charge it is to play a male like Sanjay Dutt.

Ranbir told Mid-day, “Yeah! We worked unequivocally tough during it, doing 4 months of prosthetic (make-up) trials, lots of disappointments, meditative that it’s not going to work out. But we need to put in that time and effort. It’s a daunting charge to play someone like Sanjay Dutt, who everybody knows anyway.”

Funnily enough, when a contributor was articulate to Ranbir about method-acting, a dual began articulate of Dutt biopic and if Ranbir would do drugs to get a loyal clarity of a character. To this, Ranbir replied that he wouldn’t do that for a same reason that he would not kill somebody to know how it feels. He said, “Playing Dutt, I’d wish to see how we can get into a essence of a character. The demeanour is easy…”


On being asked some-more about his knowledge sharpened a role, he said, “It was surreal for me. You’re behaving like him, and a executive calls cut, we demeanour up, and unexpected there’s Sanjay Dutt indeed sitting behind a monitor! But afterwards I’d got so spooky with him. Every time I’d see him, I’d start watching him like a hawk — a approach he scratches his beard, twitches his eye, drinks water, hugs… It’d turn a bit of a illness for me. But that mania is required for acting, or any form of art — that stupidity to get something right. You might still tumble prosaic on your face, though it’s necessary.”

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