Rahul Dravid during MAK Pataudi Memorial Lecture 2015-16

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The full twin of former skipper Rahul Dravid’s harangue in Delhi

Good evening…

Thank we to a BCCI for seeking me to broach a Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi Memorial Lecture this year, instituted in memory of one of a good leaders of Indian cricket.

It means we follow in a footsteps of some strong names in Indian cricket – Sunil Gavaskar and my teammates, Anil Kumble and VVS Laxman. Now this is a somewhat radical batting order; and trust Laxman to pronounce so eloquently and in such abounding fact about Tiger Pataudi in his debate final year, that it becomes unfit to match. Just like when we were batting, we know we can’t kick VVS in impression or operation when it comes to profitable reverence to Indian cricket’s one and customarily Tiger, and we don’t consider Sourav will mind if we contend so, so we don’t consider we should try to play any new shots.

But we consider it would greatfully Tiger Pataudi though, if this dusk becomes an event for us to simulate on issues that impact and matter in Indian cricket. To design what a universe now will demeanour like 10 years down a line, what we need to do to stay brazen of a diversion and to consider by both a problems and a solutions.

Indian cricket during a impulse is in a state of both outrageous recognition and substantial reflection. It is sanctified with good resources, financial and human, and is now perplexing to arrive during a accord over a best approach probable to make a many of what we have. Indian cricket’s mercantile strength is both a enviousness of a universe and if we competence contend so, some of a resentment.

We are during a impulse in a story where we have each reason to be optimistic, though where we contingency essay to be idealist leaders of a universe game, operative with equal tools foreknowledge and empathy.

At times like these, we need a knowledge of a elders and a appetite of a immature cricketers to do what is best for Indian cricket and a diversion during large. For a few weeks now, we have suspicion about what kind of recommendation would Tiger Pataudi, one of a many scold elders, have offering us.

As a immature cricketer we always wanted to accommodate Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi given flourishing adult we had listened so many about him from comparison players. From a biggest names in Karnataka cricket of a time: EAS Prasanna, B S Chandrasekhar, GR Viswanath. They would tell us about this inspirational and charismatic captain. At a time when former cricketers had post-retirement careers as analysts and commentators of a game, Tiger Pataudi was listened about many some-more than he was seen. He had what we call an aura and we suspicion maybe that was given he was, after all, a prince; maybe that was what princes were ostensible to be like.

When we did accommodate him, one afternoon during his home in Delhi roughly 20 years ago, we was struck by dual things: a initial was an finish miss of sourness about what he had been dealt with by destiny: to have a universe during your feet as a highly-accomplished 21 year aged diver and to afterwards remove steer in one eye during a indicate your career was customarily about to take off. To afterwards hoop that, find a approach to continue personification during a spin that finished a disproportion not merely to his team, though to his country’s cricket.

The second underline that struck me was a deficiency of any “in my day” kind of talk. There was no extreme nostalgia in him, he had a good positivity about complicated cricket. He was not unnecessarily vicious of a complicated player, desiring that cricket had softened in each aspect. He was incisive, methodical and objective. He took good honour in Indian cricket and how apart it had travelled.

Keeping in mind a conditions we are in today, we have no doubt about what Tiger Pataudi would have said. Put cricket, initial and foremost, during a centre of each preference we take. The bottom line of all a attempts contingency always be a foe that we love.

About how to keep it fresh, inclusive, over small visit rule-changes, how to heighten it over a commerce.

In a years given I’ve retired, we have got a possibility to get a conflicting viewpoint of Indian cricket – somewhat some-more distant, nonetheless still unequivocally attached. we have got a possibility to see what Indian cricket is like from a parent’s eyes. Over a final integrate of years, my son has taken a fondness for a game, personification age-group cricket in Bangalore. It has given me an discernment as to how a complicated Indian diversion is run during a grassroots and how conflicting it is – or isn’t – from a time we initial took to cricket.

Since it’s best to start during a beginning, we would like to speak about where it all begins. Our youth game. Taking a step behind from vital inside a cricket circuit, if we like, we wish to communicate how critical it is to get some-more youngsters in a cities to take adult a game.

Let’s demeanour during cricket from a child’s eyes. Right during a beginner’s level. Age 6 or seven.

In terms of organization foe we experience, football, in that we would routinely play each time we spin adult during practice, are regulating around and kicking a ball. You get to wear charming shirts, with conflicting names on their backs. Messi one day, Ronaldo a next.

Then there’s cricket: that during a start doesn’t even seem natural. You have to mount laterally holding a bat and even when given a ball, we can't chuck it. Throw, we are told, is a unequivocally bad word. You about 6 or 7 years old. When removing into sport, it is frequency startling that we will find football some-more attractive.

Then, what has not altered in youth cricket in a final 3 decades given we began is a routine: Wake adult during 5:30. Get ready, discerning breakfast, transport a good 30 kilometres to a ground. Play a compare and get behind home by 6 pm if a trade hasn’t been too bad. Here’s a toughest part, that is also a same.

At that match, as a immature 9 or 10 year-old cricketer, infrequently we don’t even play. Sometimes we get out a initial round and have zero to do for a rest of a day.

On worse occasions, a referee gives we a bad preference given we were batting too delayed in an extraordinary follow and customarily loitering his lapse home.

Sometimes, we customarily do zero a whole day, get shouted by your manager for not giving a star actor water, a present he asked for it. At some point, how could no ten-year-kid, ask himself or herself, if it’s value all a effort? What is a complicated parent’s viewpoint of this situation? They demeanour during cricket and contend that’s a lot of time divided from home. For that their son or daughter could spend hours watchful for a spin to bat or merely sitting given they have been discharged early.

What we am perplexing to contend here is that a world, utterly in a large cities, has altered dramatically. It means cricket’s possess interest to both children and relatives has altered considerably. The era when we could contend that “every Indian baby is innate with a cricket bat in a hand” is good behind us.

I feel that strongly given we can see some-more Indian children in a cities holding adult other sports. Cricket is not their initial diversion anymore. A heading sports apparatus manufacturer tells me that in a final 4-5 years, a commission of sales of cricket apparatus in a children’s category, has left down when compared to a sales of footballs, list tennis and badminton racquets and swimming gear.

This is good for India’s sporting ecosystem; carrying been concerned with a few Olympic and Paralympic athletes, it is unequivocally delightful to see immature children captivated to a operation of other sport.

The cricketer in me is a small distressed about this trend. Not given other sports are removing some-more renouned that is terrific, though given we competence not be doing adequate to attract children to cricket and from there, we could be losing out some gifted youngsters and destiny fans of a game.

You competence ask, has not cricket always been a tough foe to learn and teach? Despite that, has it not remained India’s No.1 foe for a prolonged time? So given should we worry now? we determine with many of that. That is a conditions on a belligerent today.


Has Indian cricket ensured that it will stay a same twenty years down a line? In what is a energetic sporting sourroundings where a children have some-more entrance to other sports. They can watch a Messi, a Federer each day on TV. There are so many football, badminton and tennis academies; list tennis coaches transport to unit complexes where all we need is a table.

Cricket needs to arise up. But how?

Rather than design a best talent to come flocking to a youth cricket nurseries, we initial need to have a clear, minute plan. A plans for a youth cricket.

Let’s go by cricket one step during a time: a children start out, some as immature as five, during a private cricket academy, where there is no necessity of male power, and as many coaches as we can find. Drive by Bangalore in a summer and each 5kms we will go past a cricket stay buzzing with activity.
How can that be bad?

To start with, there is a certain elemental inequality during work here.

The age organization that gives academies a biggest revenues is a youngest – a beginners, age 5 upwards. Yet they are paid a slightest attention. Usually, it is a junior-most manager who works with a hardest to hoop youngest kids. Kids that age can’t be stranded into a nets and approaching to obediently do drills. Five year olds need to be entertained for a whole era of their training and be taught skills as partial of that enjoyment.

The youngest coach, industrious and committed he competence be, is mostly given 20 children between 5-7 year olds to handle. Never mind twenty, try doing five. If we check, there’s a good possibility a manager has not undergone any specialised training in operative with children. Nor will there be any central coaching acceptance about a spin of his skills. He could be training kids regulating methods he learnt from his manager some-more than a decade ago.

The youngest manager shouldn’t be operative with a youngest wards; it should in fact be a other approach around. In a fascinating book called “The Talent Code”, author Daniel Coyle talks about how mass conflicting many fields, – be it sport, music, scholarship – is not customarily ‘born’ it is grown.

Research has determined that a initial coaches to many good athletes or musicians, scientists were somewhat aged people, roughly like father-figures. The best kind of coaches were those who set a child onto that trail by ‘coaching love’, ensuring that what a child hexed could be nurtured to a fullest. In a case, personification cricket.

With unequivocally immature children entrance into a game, a manager needs to have a calm and imagination to hoop children and make certain that their initial rendezvous with a diversion starts with carrying a good time. With amatory what they do. We contingency find a approach to teach coaches by whatever media works. Our coaches, like a people, are diverse; some competence not demeanour during 50-page papers with any affection. It is where Indian cricket should find to breeze and adopt a universally-applied Junior Cricket Policy. It doesn’t have to be a mind narcotic 50 page document; it can be a well-explained elementary framework.

There contingency be despotic fortify as to what a child does during an academy – what age organization plays with what ball, how many yards do they play from, how many overs they play and what a manager to child ratio contingency be. we infrequently see nine-year-olds being finished to play 22 yards that is terrible for them – in terms of a bucket on their bodies and a brief cuts they take to get to a other end.

The BCCI contingency tell a Minimum Standards guideline that academies contingency belong to. If they fail, they contingency be pulled up. We could get a many out of this immeasurable network of academies if they are brought into a formalised structures of a game. And finished obliged and obliged to a governors of a diversion during a tip level.

That sounds elementary adequate to govern though how about a finances of these academies? Private academies need to cover their costs – belligerent rent, equipment, coaches’ salaries and so on. A decent academy that runs from Jun to Jan with weekends-only sessions costs relatives anything between Rs. 14-15,000 a year. Summer camps are about Rs. 6000, this customarily for practice, nets. If we wish to play matches, we need some-more to cover belligerent fees, referee fees, transportation. Then there is a pack that is flattering expensive.

What happens to those boys who can't means it? How do we get them into a system? How do we safeguard we have given them a satisfactory possibility and are watched during slightest once by scouts and coaches? There are ways: a state associations could use a apportionment of their supports to run giveaway camps during supervision schools for their children. We’re referring to a small cut of a Rs 25 to 30 crore that state associations are given each year by a BCCI.

Our youth cricket contingency boost appearance numbers by giving kids a possibility to have fun and suffer a game, boys and girls both. These private academies can offer as a vehicles of this exercise; they are nurseries of a cricket and we are advantageous to have so many. If a 5 to 7 year aged is good taken caring of in a academies, we are not going to remove their talent.

What happens next? Age 12, a child or lady has learnt a basics, loves a diversion and is now personification propagandize and age organization cricket. The fun versions of a diversion as pick-up contests in a community or a academies now becomes a small some-more serious. Their propagandize or bar teams play in age-group tournaments and their coaches wish their teams to win. In an normal propagandize team, there are about 4-5 decent batsmen and they customarily play as well, there are about 3 other players who make adult a numbers as they are good athletes, comparison given they can run quick and stop a ball. At times, they spend a whole contest though possibly batting or bowling. we have watched adequate U-14 games now to know that this is true. It is unequivocally easy for a primogenitor of such a child to contend goodbye to cricket. There goes a 12 year old. If there is a younger kin in a family, chances are that a primogenitor is going to repel him or her from cricket as well.

Recently, a KSCA conducted an U-14 joining tournament, finished adult of 50-over games. In one diversion a measure was some 325 for 1, there were 2-3 double hundreds and a few some-more large hundreds in that tournament. we wish to ask AB de Villiers if he scored double hundreds in one-day games during 12-13? Because during that age, we would customarily about get to a 100 in 50 overs.

At that under-14 compare where a measure was 325-1, ask yourself what did a 8 other players on a batting organization do all day? At age organization tournaments of this level, there need to be despotic fortify to concede some-more children to participate, rather than have a some-more achieved kids to shelve adult large centuries. Those are important, yes, though in preference matches or zonal games. In propagandize and bar cricket, there should be some manners to even out a game-time accessible to everyone.

When an eleven is picked, there are 4 kids on a dais who have taken a day off from propagandize to lay on a sidelines and do nothing. Our youth cricket needs to consider of options – rolling substitutions like in football, or a rotational complement in batting or bowling, where everybody is given a chance. Just as an example: maybe batsmen could retire after scoring a 50 (or a 30?) and lapse customarily after their side has mislaid 3 some-more wickets. Bowlers should be authorised to play a limit of 1/3rd of a sum overs instead of 1/5th .

We know some of these policies are followed in other cricketing nations, it is time we act too. The longer we take, a some-more talent is going to be emptied divided from a cricket.

Let’s pierce on: if a child has survived a U-14 levels that is tough in itself given some states even margin under-14s and if a child doesn’t make it into a state team, some relatives can trust that there is no destiny in cricket. we contingency remind anguished relatives and children that that it is too early to confirm during a age of 14, that a child is not going to be good in a game. As a 12-13 year-old, we are customarily customarily commencement to arise physically. Cricket is a diversion of ability and a some-more opportunities we get to file that skill, a improved we can be. If you’re forced out early, when customarily customarily growing, who knows how good we could have become?

Zaheer Khan didn’t play with a season-ball until he was 17. Javagal Srinath didn’t play under-19 cricket for India. They came into their possess as they strike 20. Had their relatives pulled them out of cricket given they weren’t creation a cut in youth cricket, that’s one thousand one hundred and thirty one (1131) general wickets reduction for India. Let’s not forget their sum sum of general runs possibly – 3915, 3 thousand 9 hundred and fifteen – given quick bowlers get unequivocally angry if we omit their profitable contributions with a bat.

Let’s get behind to a contemporary youth cricketer: 15-year-old, pretty good though now study in Std 10. Alarm bells toll in a heads of Indian relatives everywhere. At an age when a customarily preference that boys should highlight about is either to start shred or not, we design them to confirm what they wish to do with their lives. What customarily happens in such a unfolding is that one set of players – those who haven’t finished a U-16 state organization – confirm that cricket is not for them.

Then others confirm to give adult on studies altogether given they are passed certain they can make it in cricket. we consider of this as a rather dangerous trend, given it takes place during an age when a immature cricketers need counselling. Just like all teams now have anti-corruption briefings, we consider each U-16 state cricketer should go by a scold conversing event organized by his state association, with educators who know a conditions that a immature cricketer is in. It is critical for a immature cricketers to continue with their preparation – even if all a time divided from schools creates it tough for them to finish their graduation. It will be something they can go behind to in box a cricket dream doesn’t come loyal for some reason. But aside from all that, it is critical to stay connected to propagandize and college given it will meant they have friends outward cricket, conversations outward cricket and life practice that are not connected to cricket. It will give them a viewpoint indispensable to spin well-rounded adults.
A single-minded concentration on cricket is not a bad thing though a adults need to safeguard that it can't be to a ostracism of all else and spin dangerously obsessive. It is worse when authorized of by his parents. we know children whose relatives upload their scores in matches, photos and videos of their batting in a nets from a time they were little. Four or 5 years old. Sometimes relatives give adult their jobs and careers to follow and lane their kid’s swell during each step. Imagine a kind of vigour a child will feel, now that he thinks his family’s destiny is depended on his cricket to an extent? These kids grow adult with cricket and customarily cricket. While they can stand adult a ladder, there is each chance, with finish romantic investment in a game, a child competence onslaught doing a vigour during a top. Our diversion helps arise a celebrity though it also tests a impression of a immature like small else. At times like these, as immature cricketers, we can customarily pull strength from a operation of life experiences, from a all-round life experiences.

Now, we can see some of we changeable in your chairs and indeed even review your minds. A few of we are going, “Come on Rahul, certainly you’ve listened of that Tendulkar guy?”

Sachin was different. Talent-wise, he was a freak. Everything about his arise to a Indian team, a karma of his success was over a ordinary. It was unusual and to us who were his age, it was roughly scary.

What people tend to forget is that Sachin had a good support system. His family were understanding and caring, his elder hermit was always there to beam him, his manager Ramakant Achrekar was some-more than a coach, a manager – in life and on a pitch, training him how to reason a bat, pushing him to games. Sachin was propitious that he had this immeasurable powerful of support and we brave contend and he would agree, he wouldn’t have survived and prospered if not for it. Not each immature talent is propitious adequate to have that kind of support. The story of Indian cricket is dirty with stories of immature sparkling talent descending by a approach side due to a miss of support and guidance.

There are dual lots of adults that assistance husband immature cricketers: a relatives and a coaches.

When relatives see a small bit of talent, they detonate with honour and wish to inspire it. Sometimes, we tend to get carried divided and cranky a line between support and probably steamrolling a child. Such vigour from home afterwards customarily aggravates a fear of failure. It mostly is a box of a relatives chasing their possess emptied dreams by their children. Then there are a coaches: during a youth level, results, while important, need not be treated like a be-all and end-all. we know associations, schools, clubs and academies have bonuses given to coaches for winning and I’m not certain that’s a good suspicion during a youth level. Today’s coaches can take a root or dual out of a approach group like a Keki Tarapores and Ramakant Achrekars took shortcoming for a altogether expansion of their wards along with their cricket.

From branch a immature cricketer into a assured diver and a obliged adult, a mania with formula can have a diametrically conflicting effect. As manager of a India U-19 team, over a final few months we have seen utterly a few youngsters and many, many matches. When we hear about some under-19 bowlers being reported for a consider action, it upsets me deeply. What were a coaches doing until a child got to that age – 17-18-19? Did his inadequate movement start during a age of 10 years old, given his manager had him play a full 22 yards? Then as he grew adult did his subsequent garland of coaches customarily let it go given a child kept removing wickets and winning tournaments?

So, during 19, when an eager, industrious child could have played a youth World Cup, he is left perplexing to scold his movement instead. Did this collection of short-term goals achieved by short-cuts harm a child given as adults we incited a blind eye?

Like a emanate of bowling actions, it is a identical importance on short-term formula that has led to a flay of overage players in youth matches. That whole practice starts when a manager alters a player’s date of birth so that he can take partial in a internal tournament. The relatives are happy to accept a value of an additional year or two, utterly in youth cricket and, academically during center school. The law is that a actor who has calculated his age competence make it during a youth spin not indispensably given he is improved or some-more talented, though given he is stronger and bigger. We all know how many of a disproportion a integrate of years can make during that age. That occurrence will have another sputter effect: an honest actor deprived of his place by an overage player, is disillusioned. We run a risk of losing him forever.

It is not that zero has been finished to brand a guilty – and we do consider of them as guilty. Like, in a KSCA, a child’s birth certificate is current only, if it is antiquated within dual years of a child’s birth. The BCCI’s bone firmness exam is an glorious introduction, though even if it discovers that a child wanting to play in a under-16 foe doesn’t accommodate a stipulated criteria, there is zero finished to safeguard that a child’s birth date is reviewed or corrected so that he doesn’t trip by a complement and spin adult as a 20 year aged perplexing to get into an under-19 contest after a few years.

How can we work by this loophole? Those Minimum Standards fortify to academies that we spoke about earlier, maybe could also state a direct that academies need to collect birth certificates of each determined immature cricketer and have it available into a incomparable state organization information bottom of purebred players.

I consider of this overage business as dangerous and even poisonous and to me gives arise to a question: If a child sees his relatives and coaches intrigue and formulating a feign birth certificate, will he not be speedy to spin a cheat? He is being taught to distortion by his possess elders.

At 14 it competence be in a matter of a age criteria, during 25 it competence be regulating and corruption. How are a dual conflicting in any way? In both cases, is it not blatant cheating?

What do we play foe for? Not merely practice – afterwards we could run perpetually or get onto a cranky tutor or an practice bike. We play foe for a all-round lessons it teaches us, for a ability to urge not merely a earthy skills though to enhance a minds as well. To learn life skills – about discipline, honesty, ethics, satisfactory play, teamwork. Age-fudging and bootleg bowling actions are small brief cuts to benefit personal advantage for a brief duration of time, rather than what foe is about – personal alleviation over a career and from there, over a lifetime.

How will a foe tarry if a excellent values – of honest effort, persistence, a honour for a rules, a acceptance of better – itself spin redundant? How will a foe tarry if everybody is intrigue during each stage?

I have seen some good initiatives put into place – like a BCCI’s My Debut Match, that encourages relatives to move children to games. It was a empathize that customarily one day’s play was probable in Bangalore when a KSCA had motionless to move in 5000 propagandize kids to a Test. we review that Justice Mudgal who is in assign of a organization of a Delhi Test, wanted giveaway tickets to be distributed to children whose relatives couldn’t means to move them to a game. This is brazen thinking. It is these children in a cities who could grow adult in a subsequent decade or dual to spin India’s destiny leaders – in a corporate world, policy-makers, heads of industry.

I strongly trust that these immature kids are a initial era of Indians who could be flourishing adult though a low personal tie to a game. Because they have other options. My generation, a post 1983-genreration, grew adult with cricket and cinema as a customarily forms of leisure. Cricket was talked about, watched on radio during home, or played during an pledge spin during picnics, we went to matches with fathers and uncles and cousins.

Today’s children have many, many other options. They will grow adult to be a suspicion leaders and opinion makers and fund-managers. It is given Indian cricket contingency reintroduce a children to a diversion and a sorcery all over again. They are a very, unequivocally critical audience.

I would like to finish this unequivocally prolonged speak – maybe it’s indeed been some-more of a harangue than a debate – with a memory of Tiger Pataudi we reason unequivocally dear and always will.

After we won a Test array in England in 2007, and claimed a Pataudi Trophy, all of us were posing for photographs during a Oval with him.

It’s during that time that he pronounced to me, “I’m unequivocally unapproachable of what we and your organization have done, how we did it and what we have achieved.” It meant a lot to me to hear those difference from someone of his status in a game. It had been 21 years given India final won a array in England and it had been a outrageous feat for all of us in a team, for Indian cricket and for a fans.

I have oral during such length about youth cricket given we trust in it sexually – that we need to deposit as many energy, time and concentration into India’s youngest cricketers as we do for those during a chosen level. Because we know that they will always be a source of Indian cricket’s happiness, success and achievement.

Let us do all we can to make Tiger Pataudi prouder still.

Thank you…