Rachel Dratch Escapes Scientology Obstacle Course on ‘Billy on a Street’

Billy Eichner’s latest barrier march had a clearly intergalactic flavor as SNL alum Rachel Dratch stood in for Leah Remini and attempted to shun a clutches of a Evil Lord Xenu and Scientology. 

Dratch took on a charge of using “Leah Remini’s Escape from Scientology!” barrier march though as Eichner explained completing it would have good import for each aspect of her life: “The initial few obstacles, you’re fasten Scientology. Then there’s a twist: You confirm we need to shun from a religion, save your kids, save your friends, and many importantly, save your behaving career!”

The Scientology skit from Billy on a Street didn’t reason behind in excoriating the argumentative religion, creation references to a purported billion year contracts members have to sign, a purported forced subdivision of families as good as seeking Dratch to find Shelly Miscavige, mother of Scientology conduct David Miscavige, who hasn’t been seen in open for years. 

See a video below.