Rachel Bilson Spotted Pouting First Time After Hayden Christensen Split

Rachel Bilson Spotted Pouting First Time After Hayden Christensen Split

Rachel Bilson was spotted after her apart from Hayden Christensen. The integrate went their apart ways after 10 years together. The 36-year-old Nashville star done a dauntless face in Los Angeles on Wednesday, Sept. 20. She was photographed selling during Sweet Williams children’s wardrobe store. The singer has been vital in Los Angeles while her ex stays in Toronto.

The integrate pennyless adult since of their varying lifestyles. Rachel Bilson loves to celebration and socialize. Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen is some-more of a hermit. One of Rachel Bilson’s high propagandize friends reliable a news of their apart to E! News on Wednesday. There were light problems over a years. The integrate motionless it was best to finish things. They have opposite interests and couldn’t make their attribute work.

Hayden Christensen has been vexed for a while. His mental health had a disastrous change on Rachel Bilson. She likes to go out, and he would rather stay during home. She felt that she indispensable a opposite relationship. She attempted to make their attribute work, though she couldn’t reason on anymore. Rachel Bilson wore a dispirited countenance on her face during her sighting. She also wore a black printed hang blouse with beloved jeans and mules.

Rachel Bilson Spotted Pouting First Time After Hayden Christensen Split

The actors met on a set a of 2008 film Jumper, and got intent in 2009. They formerly finished their attribute in Aug 2010, though reconciled 3 months later. Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were intensely private about their relationship. The OC alum wore her rendezvous ring in open shortly after she reconciled with a Star Wars actor.

The integrate shares a 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Briar Rose. The integrate even deliberate giving her a sibling. However, their attribute took a spin over a years. Rachel Bilson hinted to Lapalme that all was “still adult in a air.” She pronounced that she enjoyed carrying one child during a moment. Rachel Bilson even told Cosmopolitan in 2013 that they mostly stay home where they make dinner, and watch cinema together. She also hinted that she is “a unequivocally good girlfriend” and puts that forward all things.

Rachel Bilson’s acting career hasn’t slowed down. She stars on a strike uncover Nashville on CMT. She formerly played on a CW dramedy, Hart of Dixie. Earlier this month, she had a mini reunion with former co-star Jaime King, reported a Daily Mail. The women sat in a front quarrel during a Self-Portrait during New York Fashion Week. Rachel Bilson was lucent her lilac edging off-the-shoulder frock. She interconnected her demeanour with soothing makeup and a French milkmaid hairstyle.

Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for Self-Portrait