QUIZ: How Long Would YOU Survive Game Of Thrones?

With so many Game Of Thrones characters pang heartless deaths, it’s tough to suppose any of them will tarry a dangers of Westeros!

Between a dragons, a White Walkers, and copiousness of (literal) backstabbing, a HBO anticipation array has never been some-more perilous.

Some characters are improved matched for presence than others — either they conduct to stay alive with power, manipulation, seduction, or only stealing out until all is over.

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But how prolonged would fans of a Emmy-winning array final if they indeed lived in a cut-throat (again, literally) competition to order a Seven Kingdoms?

Well, by responding a few elementary questions, we can find out — either it’s removing decapitated right from a commencement or creation it all a approach to a Iron Throne!

Choose your weapons, skills, and allies wisely, and take the presence ask (below) to get prepared for Season 7 — premiering on HBO tonight (July 16)!

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