Qin Yongmin: Prominent Chinese anarchist jailed for 13 years

Chinese anarchist Qin Yongmin gestures during a press contention in Beijing on 17 November, 1993Image copyright
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Chinese anarchist Qin Yongmin, who is now 64, graphic in 1993

One of China’s highest-profile democracy campaigners has been condemned to 13 years in jail for “subversion of state power”.

Qin Yongmin, 64, has already spent a sum of 22 years behind bars.

Qin had “refused to concur with a court” and stayed wordless via his trial, tellurian rights counsel Lin Qilei progressing told a AFP news agency.

The guilty outcome was reliable online by a Wuhan City Intermediate People’s Court, in executive China.

Frances Eve, a researcher during a NGO Chinese Human Rights Defenders, pronounced Mr Qin had been “prosecuted for his faith in a approved China as good as his actions in advocating for tellurian rights”.

“Authorities have been incompetent to build a box opposite him notwithstanding 3 years of investigation,” she added.

Qin is a co-founder of a China Democracy Party, and was handed a 12-year jail tenure in 1998 after perplexing to register it officially. A year later, while still in prison, he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

Qin was heading a pro-democracy organisation called China Human Rights Watch when he was arrested in Jan 2015. Its activities enclosed organising contention groups and criticising a government’s policies online.

The outcome opposite Qin emerged a day after the widow of a anarchist Nobel Peace Prize leader left Beijing for Germany.

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