‘Project Runway’ Sneak Peek: Judge Olivia Munn’s Wowed By An Oscars-Worthy Gown

You prepared to make it work, designers? ‘Project Runway’ gain tomorrow night, Aug 17, and a play is aloft than ever! Take a feeling during this EXCLUSIVE censor feeling during a mellow 16 premiere!


As a scold Heidi Klum once said, one day you’re in, a successive day you’re out. In this censor feeling from a mellow 16 premiere of Project Runway, a aspiring new designers seem to be put to work right away. And from a looks of it, their outfits are really runway-worthy! The trim comforts a censor feeling from a many important, relocating prejudiced of a show: when a judges detached a best and set-back designs from a excellent ones. The trim — EXCLUSIVE to HollywoodLife.com — comforts a judges focusing in on one sole design.


An bold operative named Kenya flaunts a strenuous dress she finished for her appreciative model. It’s a strapless charmer dress with dramatic, structured pockets. It’s thin and white, and everybody fauns over it. Our judges, strut Nina Garcia, operative Zac Posen, and thespian Olivia Munn (along with Heidi, of course) definitely rush over it. We can see why. CLICK HERE to see a trim from a Project Runway mellow premiere!

“I venerate a pockets,” Olivia told a designer, vehemence over a grand dress. “I’m always stiff on a red curtain given we never know what to do with my hands, or my face. But carrying a pockets finished [the dress] feeling a tiny some-more childish and fresh.” Well put! But seriously; can we trust that these designers can emanate something so elaborate and appreciative in usually one day? It’s insane! We’re so endangered to see a full mellow 16 premiere of Project Runway to see what a rest of these designers come adult with!

Project Runway gain on Thursday, Aug 17, during 8:00pm on Lifetime.

HollywoodLifers, are we intense for Project Runway mellow 16? Let us know!

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