‘Project Runway’ Season 16 Premiere Recap: It’s Time To Make It Work Again

Project Runway
Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn and models acquire a designers on a premiere of Project Runway mellow 16, airing Thursday, Aug 17 during 8pm ET/PT on Lifetime.
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‘Project Runway’ gain for a 16th season, and a stakes are aloft than ever for these means designers. Read a summation of a mellow premiere and lift on!


First things initial — let’s accommodate Project Runway mellow 16‘s means contestants. First, we have Kenya Freeman, 37, from Atlanta. Right off a bat, she says that she’s “here to murder a competition.” She says it with a vast smile, so we’re not stealing “I’m not here to make friends” vibes off her. Aaron Meyers, 23, of Ridgewood, NY (represent!) says that what others find crazy, he sees as normal clothes. Welcome, renter quirky guy!

Ayana Ife, 27, from Salt Lake City feels like a “badass” for winning a symbol on Project Runway. We don’t condemnation her! Margarita Alvarez of San Juan, Puerto Rico gets a preferred symbol of “girl who cries on a initial episode.” Though there are other contestants (obviously) that we get glimpses of in a opening, there’s one final contender we accommodate in depth. Actually, make that twin — Shawn and Claire Buitendorp, relating 27-year-old twins! But don’t fret; one of them has a shaved head, so it’s not too tough to tell them apart. Now that we have introductions out of a way, let’s get to a good stuff.


We’re introduced to Tim Gunn and Heidi Klum for a initial time when they expostulate into a cocktail jubilee in a discuss bus. Casual. They immediately give out their initial challenge: conceptualizing a red curtain feeling for a celebrity. Easy peasy, right. Duh, this is Project Runway; 0 goes right! The initial advise for a designers is what was teased in a Project Runway promos. The models this mellow are of diverse shapes and sizes. They operation from stretch 2 to stretch 22! It’s about damn time that Project Runway represented all women!

Brandon Kee, a blonde bro from San Francisco, immediately freaks given he’s exclusively designed menswear. Now, he has to make a red curtain feeling for a plus-sized model. His model, Liris, is customarily as aware as he is about this challenge. The expose now has “model mirrors,” that is essentially a heed comparable of a acknowledgment booth, and Liris tells a camera that she’s graceful certain he’s not going to make this work for her figure. By a way, Brandon is a sure thoroughness of a premiere.

It’s a common problems around a rest of their time in a studio. Everyone is origination fun of Shawn (shaved) and Claire (hair) for a proceed they enunciate. The sisters both use a word “indeed” and pronounce very carefully. Yeah, it’s hilarious. Now, we know that one day in fashion, you’re in, and one day you’re out. Thanks, Heidi!

The runway expose starts with Kenya’s look. Model Janine is staggering in a white, strapless dress with structured pockets. She looks like she’s going to a Oscars. Kudziani Karida‘s denote is wearing what can customarily be described as a geometric, red and reddish frock. Interesting! Ayana’s feeling is amazing. The heed operative explained that she’s Muslim and wants to infer that a middle feeling can still be name and sexy. She succeeded with a dull grey sequined dress with floral appliqués. The dress featured a high neckline and enlarged sleeves, as good as a ideal shawl on her control revealing of Ayana’s hijab. So lovely!

Shawn’s outfit looks like it’s fit for a VMAs unquestionably specifically. It consists of a shredded, white mount tip and china regulating shorts. That’s about it. Baton Khalfani favors African prints, nonetheless her dress was a quiescent grey jersey flush with fuchsia ribbons and floral appliqués. Her denote conspicuous that she preferred it, though. Claire’s dress is a reddish and orange tulle cocktail dress unquestionably revealing of her mentor Betsey Johnson‘s work. It’s cute! Brandon manages to lift by and emanate a sporty two-piece look: a bubblegum reddish maxi dress companion with a long-sleeved camo mount top.


ChaCha‘s dress unquestionably is…something. It’s a shimmery, pinkish-greenish minidress with bell sleeves and a reddish inclement neck/back. Hey, he did news his impression as “fun, flirty, and wacky.” Out comes Amy Bond’s look. The heed settlement high-brow from Otis College did her disseminate haughty with this ensemble. The model’s wearing black cigarette pants and a black bra top, along with a black mantle that incited into a skirt. Witchy!

Sentell‘s denote looks like an additional from Zenon. Sorry! Her boxy bullion dress and minibuns bark space princess some-more than red carpet. Tim uneasy that Kentaro Kameyama‘s black, tulle dress was going to go relaxed on a runway, and he was right. Hard pass. Deyonté Weather‘s denote looks seductive as hurt in a one-shouldered resort-esque, pleasing flower printed dress. Michael Bramila‘s model is wearing pinstriped pants and what looks like a upheld Muppet as a top.

Seriously, how many contestants are there?? Aaron finished a “flip-flopped tuxedo” — aka a structured tip and flowy, oversized pants. Not certain how that translates, nonetheless I’m a writer, not a designer! Samantha Bei‘s denote is wearing an adorable, black, strapless cocktail dress that kind of looks like a homecoming dress. But it works! Okay, one more. Margarita designed flowy red pants companion with a red bra top. It’s accompanied by a ideal red mantle with flowers during a neck.

Judges Heidi,  Zac Posen, Nina Garcia, and Olivia Munn make a tough decisions: Deyonté wins, and ChaCha goes home!

Project Runway front Thursdays during 8:00pm on Lifetime.

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