Pro Wrestling League: In new era, income and celebrity wave wrestlers

Pro wrestling league, pro wrestling, pro wrestling in india, sushil kumar, sushil kumar diet, yogeshwar dutt, wrestling, wrestling games, wrestling photos, india wrestling, wrestling india, wrestling news The Pro Wrestling League offers a priza income of Rs 3 crores, creation it a richest joining of a foe in a world.

It’s doubtful that KD Jadhav would recognize a wrestling that will take place in a track named after him on Thursday. At a time of India’s initial wrestling medallist during a Olympics and indeed for most of a new past, wrestling has mostly been deliberate a farming foe mostly fought in dangals. The diversion has prolonged complained of a miss of glamour, income and media coverage. But all this is set to change on Thursday when a Pro Wrestling League starts in New Delhi.

Over a march of subsequent 18 days, 54 wrestlers from 13 countries will contest again any other in a 6 city formed authorization system. They will enter a ring to their authorization thesis song. Bouts will be telecast on inhabitant TV. The esteem income during interest is a whopping Rs 3 crores, creation it a richest joining of a foe in a world.

It also creates wrestling a latest in a prolonged list of sports that have a veteran league. The wrestlers who will contest trust that their joining has what it takes to mangle giveaway of a clutter. “Like other sports, it is good that there is a joining for wrestling as well. Since it is a normal foe and that gives it an corner as people will come to watch this. There is income and infrastructure now and no doubt that we will make it a best in India,” says Vinesh Phogat who will combat for Dilli Veer.

The players apparently wish a joining does good as it offers them some really sizeable paycheques. But a income is not all for a players as 57 kg difficulty wrestler Amit Dahiya who was bought during a PWL auction for 30.1 lakh rupees by a Haryana Hammers team. “I have not suspicion about a money. All we know is how to combat and that is what we am going to do. we accost from Haryana and personification from a state’s authorization fills me with josh,” he says.

The Indian grapplers are not a usually one who have high hopes from a league. Argentina’s Yuri Maier is vehement about a initial pro joining in a foe as well. “It’s a good start for a game. If all a countries can follow fit afterwards a diversion can have improved days ahead” says Pan America bronze medallist Maier, who will be wrestling for a Haryana franchise.

Considering a abyss of talent in a league, however, there will be no easy wins. The organisers have finished a satisfactory pursuit by bringing in universe difficulty wrestlers in a likes Sweden’s universe series dual wrestler Sofia Mattson, universe champion in 58 kg difficulty Oksana Herhel and former 48 kg universe champion Kogut Oleksandra, both from Ukraine, Uzbekistan’s Navruzov Ikhtiyor , 3 time universe champion in a 69 kg difficulty Adeline Gray and Georgia’s universe championships bullion award leader Vladimir Khinchegashvili and a horde of star Indian wrestler like Sushil Kumar, Yogehswar Dutt, Bajrang, Phogat sisters underneath a same roof.

Making a joining interesting, a leader of a foe on a compare day will be motionless on a basement of best of 7 bouts among a dual teams. The tip 4 teams will validate from a semi-finals.

Since it is a initial book of a league, no group appears to be a transparent favourite though India’s star grappler Yogehwar is assured that his group will lift a prize “We have to win. We have a good group and we will win it for Haryana,” he says.

Indeed notwithstanding all a income and courtesy a foe is expected to get, a a priority for players still stays a same – to wrestle. “Be it country, state or league, what matters is wrestling. Agar sagaa bhai bhi aa jaye to mai sirf khusti karunga (I will wrestle, even my hermit turns up) ” Yogeshwar, a top paid Indian actor of a league, says.

It’s during slightest one thing, KD Jadhav would have understood.