Pro Wrestling League 2015: Amit stuns Nuvruzov Ikhtiyor as Mumbai book semis berth

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As Amit Dhankar prepared for his hitch opposite 2015 World Championships silver medallist Nuvruzov Ikhtiyor of Dilli Veer, he got a phone call from a informed number. “Attack kar ke khelna aur jeetna hai,” a voice on a other side of a phone said. “Thik hai Sushil bhai,” Amit replied.

He might have pulled out of a Pro Wrestling League though Sushil Kumar has been gripping an eye on his ward. On Monday, a two-time Olympic medallist called Amit and gave him a pre-bout pep-talk. “Your certainty gets a boost after your guru gives we a motivation. You wish to win it for him,” Amit says.

The proclivity was many indispensable for Amit after he had mislaid to Ganzorig Mandakhnran of UP Warriors’ in his final bout. “I had beaten him in a 2013 Asian Championships in New Delhi to win gold. It is humiliating to remove to someone whom we have degraded previously,” he says.

But opposite Ikhtiyor, Amit followed Sushil’s recommendation and pulled off one of a biggest upsets of a joining by violence a Uzbek wrestler 9-7. “I only did what Sushil bhai asked me to do. we wish he likes it,” an vehement Amit says.

Early reversal

Early in his hitch Amit was hold by Ikhtiyor though a Haryana wrestler topsy-turvy a conflict and took a 2-0 lead, that he kept for one notation before Ikhtiyor topsy-turvy an conflict to tie it 2-2. But when a second duration began, Amit done a array of attacks on Ikhtiyor who showed signs of tiredness. Taking advantage of this, Amit continued to collect adult points and led 6-2 after dual takedowns. Ikhtiyor done a quip in a final notation though it was too late for him.

Amit hold on for a 9-7 win that gave Mumbai a 5-2 feat over Dilli and a mark in a semifinals. This was a initial win for him in a joining though he says it is a many important. “I had pulled my flesh in a final bout. Winning opposite a good competition does wonders to a confidence. Now we only wish Sushil bhai likes it and that will be a large relief,” he says.