Princess Sofia Of Sweden Pregnant With Second Child: Prince Carl Philip And Her Prepare For New Royal Baby!

Princess Sofia Of Sweden Pregnant With Second Child: Prince Carl Philip And Her Prepare For New Royal Baby!

Sweden’s Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia have only announced that they are awaiting their second child. Their initial son, Alexander, was innate 11 months ago. It looks Prince William and Kate Middleton will have to share a theatre with another prohibited stately couple.

The integrate done a proclamation with an central matter on a Swedish Royal Court’s website. They said, “We are happy to announce that we are awaiting a child, a kin to Prince Alexander. We are looking brazen to welcoming a new small member to a family.”

Carl Philip and Sofia’s son Alexander was innate in Apr of 2016. Even nonetheless Princess Sofia isn’t display a baby strike only yet, they did supplement that their due date is in Sep 2017. What’s more, their matter also pronounced that Princess Sofia will continue on with her stately engagements and open appearances during a march of her pregnancy. What’s more, there have been no changes done to Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s open and summer schedule.

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Just recently, Princess Sofia non-stop adult about a oppressive bullying she endured by her critics online during a special promote in organisation with her foundation. She suggested that critics have bullied her for only about everything, from her matrimony to Prince Carl Philip, to her existence radio past and even her looks.

So does this meant that Princess Sofia will be creation headlines for her pregnancy as well? Will she be scrutinized by a press for a things she says, wears and does? Of course, stately fans will find out shortly enough. Back in Aug of final year, Sofia also wrote a special blog post about how wounds caused by bullying can means a lifetime of pain. That’s because she’s also propelling Sweden’s girl to make a change and hopefully stop Internet bullying once and for all.


But distinct Kate Middleton during her final dual pregnancies, Princess Sofia is creation it flattering transparent that she intends to continue operative regardless of what people competence contend or consider of her.

Tell us, are we astounded that Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia are awaiting another child already? Will this hint a new stately baby bang in a entrance months? Let us know what we consider by withdrawal us a line with your thoughts in a comments territory below. Also, don’t forget to check behind with CDL for all a latest news and updates on Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia right here!

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