Prince George Takes After Father Prince William: Hates Contact Sports

It looks like Prince George is already holding after his father Prince William when it comes to a things he likes and doesn’t like. William himself pronounced that his 4-year-old son is no fan of hit sports. He done a explanation while hosting a accepting for England’s women’s soccer group during Kensington Palace this week.

During a reception, William told a women’s soccer team, famous as a Lionesses, that immature Prince George doesn’t like to get earthy when personification sports. Even yet he likes to flog a ball, he doesn’t like it when anyone gets too tighten to him on a field.

According to Hello Magazine, actor Casey Stoney said, “[William] pronounced during a impulse he’s perplexing to learn George that football is indeed a hit sport. But George doesn’t unequivocally like it when he’s palming him off and removing physical. He pronounced he’s unequivocally enlivening his kids to get concerned with sport.”

Sure, many royal fans know that Prince William doesn’t like to attend in many hit sports himself. Sure, he’s been speckled during Rugby games in a past though was never a good actor himself. Even actor Eddie Redmayne pronounced that William mostly complained about personification Rugby and removing tackled by a other players.

If that weren’t enough, William hates personification soccer, too. The final time he was photographed personification footie was behind when he was 17-years-old. Instead, Prince William prefers to play sports that don’t need most earthy contact, including polo and golf. That’s because many stately fans aren’t astounded that immature Prince George is already holding after his father. Clearly, he doesn’t like to be overwhelmed if he doesn’t have to.

Now, of march this doesn’t meant that Prince George won’t change his mind about hit sports after in life. Kids mostly change their minds about what they like or don’t like on a daily basis. But if Prince George turns out to be anything like his father, there’s a good possibility that he’ll evade any kind of hit altogether. After all, Prince William doesn’t even like to reason his mother Kate Middleton’s palm in public. In fact, he frequency creates an bid to hold her or uncover any kind of open arrangement of affection. Clearly, Kate Middleton doesn’t want to see her son Prince George grow up a same way.

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Photo by Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images