Pregnant Shahs of Sunset Star Mercedes ‘MJ’ Javid Hospitalized Amid Miscarriage Fears

Mercedes “MJ” Javid is opening adult about an astonishing conditions that occurred during her high-risk pregnancy.

On Sunday, a profound Shahs of Sunset star, who suggested in Oct that she is expecting her initial child with husband Tommy Feight, gave fans an refurbish in a array of videos that were taken while Javid, 46, was during Cedars-Sinai Medical Center after Christmas.

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In a romantic Instagram posts, Javid explained that she had recently undergone cervical cerclage medicine after her doctors detected that her cervix was measuring too tiny — something she pronounced could be “high risk” for a miscarriage.

Although a procession was “painless,” “under an hour,” and usually compulsory her to stay in a sanatorium overnight, Javid suggested that she was now on bed rest until her baby child creates his arrival.

“What we are saying in these videos are me, unequivocally frightened and shaken to learn that nonetheless a pregnancy was easy and uneventful for a initial 18 weeks or so, during a check up, we found that my cervix was measuring to 1.5 centimeters, that is high risk for m.c,” a existence star captioned a initial clip, that was taken in a hospital’s maternity unit.

“You get an epidural, and a stitch, that deliberate a rescue,” she continued. “Bedrest is distant from a ideal approach to spend these pleasing days, though I’m training a lot during this still period.”

“How I’ve gotten by this is with a lot of faith, my pleasing father’s relaxing suggestion inside of me, along with a maternal strength, and my husband’s harsh support and kindness,” she added, referencing her late father Shams Javid, who died in May.

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In a separate, though unequivocally identical post, Javid pronounced how she was in a “good hands” of her doctors, who were monitoring her cervix.

She also voiced her thankfulness — amid a formidable conditions — in a caption, observant how she was anticipating a china backing notwithstanding being forced on bed rest.

“Thank we so most for all a messages of adore and support along a way,” she wrote. “There is so most some-more to come and… [I am] anticipating a blessing in EVERYTHING 🙏♥️🙏 #babyjourney #pregnancyjourney”

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In October, Javid and Feight reliable they were awaiting their initial child, a baby boy, together.

The mom-to-be told E! News that she was “really happy to open a new chapter” in her life after the death of her father, remarking, “I’m anticipating that my baby will remind me of my father and, of course, have a square of Tommy and me. It’s a cycle of life.”

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But Javid’s pregnancy, that was assisted by a use of in vitro fertilization (IVF), has come with a challenges.

Back in July, after Javid non-stop adult about her tour to enhance her family during an coming on Jeff Lewis Live, the existence star revealed that she had “run into all these small problems” with IVF, including “having polyp surgery.”

Removing uterine polyps is a common procession achieved by physicians during a IVF routine to improve implantation rates before a transferring of a embryos.

Mercedes  MJ  Javid and Tommy Feight

Before implantation, she visited New York City for a “last hurrah,” explaining, “I won’t be means to transport [afterwards], since I’ll be deliberate a high-risk pregnancy. we get to go to New York and have a good time.”

Feight and Javid said “I do” in April. The lead-up to their marriage (and a indirect drama) served as a storyline throughout Shahs of Sunset‘s seventh season. The marriage itself was also filmed and aired on a Bravo show.

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Shahs has followed Javid and Feight’s intrigue from a beginning. The couple met on Tinder and got intent in 2015 after over a year together.

“He’s been with me and benefaction for each step of a way,” Javid told E! News of her husband. “When we get IVF done, there is a 10-day watchful duration where we come behind to get a blood and urine exam and we did that together as well.”

“I unequivocally adore to see how happy Tommy is and how vehement and nervous,” she added. “You know, he gets to be a father!”