Pregnant Khloé Kardashian Reveals a Reason She’s ‘Not Afraid’ of Childbirth

Khloé Kardashian has schooled from a greats.

The 33-year-old existence star and first-time mom-to-be common on her website and app that she’s “not afraid” of giving birth to her baby girl — namely since she has seen babies delivered many times before.

“I don’t feel like we need to prepare for my birth by freaking myself out,” Kardashian wrote. “I’ve seen over 8 births live and in person. Women were done to do this! It’s a really healthy experience.”

“I review my apps each day and we ask my alloy if we have any questions, so I’m overtly not that afraid,” she added. “Of march I’m a small nervous to go into labor, though I’m perplexing to not overthink something that literally happens all a time.”

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The Keeping Up with a Kardashians personality has given her fans utterly a few updates concerning her pregnancy recently, including one final week about how she and boyfriend Tristan Thompson are flitting a time until they acquire their baby girl.

“It’s a final widen of my pregnancy. Day by day, it gets harder and we get some-more desirous — and not to discuss some-more uncomfortable. So, while we wait, we have to stay busy,” Kardashian wrote on her app and website Wednesday.

“I’m not a form to lay around all day and be idle (when we do, we get a small crazy!). I’ve already finished the nursery, so I’m happy to have that checked off a list,” a expectant Revenge Body host said.

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Kardashian certified on Tuesday that she’s “happy to be in Cleveland” as she awaits her daughter’s arrival (NBA star Thompson, 27, plays for a Cleveland Cavaliers).

“Throughout my pregnancy, we trafficked behind and onward between L.A. and Cleveland utterly a bit, though after a while, it was a small difficult,” she wrote on her website and app. “It was some-more overpowering and my physique got swollen, that never used to occur before pregnancy. we apparently adore both cities, though we will contend I’m happy to be in Cleveland right now.”

“I’m with Tristan and we get my home time — cooking, being with my adore and only some-more of a routine,” she continued. “In L.A., I’m SWAMPED with work. But afterwards again, we adore being in L.A. since we get to see my sisters and my mom, and I have my tutor and a people that I’ve grown adult with. So there are perks to both cities for me!”