Pregnant Jessica Simpson Pleads for ‘Help’ from Her Fans After Revealing Extremely Swollen Foot

Jessica Simpson is carrying a tough pregnancy.

On Thursday, Simpson, 38, common a intolerable print of her really distended foot.

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“Any remedies?! Help!!!!” a “I Wanna Love You Forever” thespian captioned a photo, call a series of her supporters to share their practice and solutions.

“Oh sweetie we went by a same thing with my initial pregnancy. Just keep them adult and lay down as most as possible. Poor thing,” one supporter wrote in Simpson’s criticism section.

“Ouch that narrowing hurts they swelled with my youngest son and when flying, like a other pronounced splash lots of H2O and rouse goes down quickly,” another fan suggested.

“Ugh, we remember. It was so painful. Nothing helped me!” a opposite user wrote.

American Pregnancy Association explains that during pregnancy, “the physique produces approximately 50 percent some-more blood and physique fluids to accommodate a needs of a building baby.”

The swelling, that is called edema, is common in a hands, face, legs, ankles and feet and is totally normal.

Simpson announced that she is awaiting her third child — a baby lady — with father Eric Johnson in September.

The couple, who marry in 2014, are already relatives to daughter Maxwell “Maxi” Drew, 6, and son Ace Knute, 5.

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Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson with their children

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Simpson formerly told PEOPLE her kids can’t stop seeking questions about a new baby.

“They wish to know each detail — like how divert comes out of mommy, how a baby will indeed get here and if my swell symbol is a orator to promulgate with a baby,” she explained, selecting only a few of their stupid inquiries.

The soon-to-be mom of 3 combined that she and her husband Eric Johnson, 39, “are constantly enormous adult and perplexing to figure out how to be honest… though not traumatize them or a friends and teachers we know they are pity each fact with!”