Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Says Luna Pointed during Her and Said, ‘Mama Yucky’: Kids Are ‘Honest’

Luna Simone‘s hermit on a approach will learn one unequivocally critical trait from his large sister: honesty.

The daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, who turns 2 subsequent month, hasn’t hold behind when it comes to her opinions on her mama’s changing physique.

“We take baths together any night and she says a lot of … she can contend some hurtful things in a bathtub sometimes,” a indication and Lip Sync Battle host, 32, suggested to E! News with a laugh.

“Yesterday, she forked during me and she’s like, ‘Mama yucky,’ ” she adds. “I’m like, ‘I know. Mama feels kinda yucky.’ They’re honest, though, these kids.”

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Teigen admits she’s “a small disturbed about sharing” when it comes to her daughter’s composition to carrying a small sibling around.

“I can see Luna … she doesn’t exactly love to share until she’s totally finished with something,” says a second-time mom-to-be. “I do hear that a firstborn tends to be excited for a new addition for maybe a day or so and they don’t unequivocally comprehend they come behind day after day after day.”

“So when she starts realizing that he’s gonna hang around, maybe things will change though … we grew adult with my sister around and it only becomes second nature,” Teigen adds.

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Although Luna takes after both Teigen and Legend, 39, in a looks department, Teigen admits her small girl’s celebrity is elaborating to be only like her mama’s.

“Attitude-wise, she is so most like me, that is so humorous to see since we fire any other a same small looks,” says the Cravings author. “But she is so honeyed and loves animals — only to see how nurturing and amatory she is.”

“Even now, removing ready for baby boy, she has her baby dolls and a things she does with them … she’ll feed them with a small bottle and give them pats on a back,” Teigen shares. “I’m like, ‘You remember that Mommy did this!’ It’s so lovable to see.”