PR Sreejesh: Keeper of faith creates light of physique blows

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Wrapped in bandages, PR Sreejesh took his common position underneath a bar. His right thigh was lonesome with an ice-pack and a shoulder intoxicated with a surgical tape. The blood clot on his right ride usually combined to his pain. Sreejesh was walking wounded, yet it was masked in his goalkeeping pack and a smiling face. Yet, he was once again tasked with bailing out his scarred teammates. Like he has been doing compare after match, contest after tournament, for a final dual years.

It’s a spectacle how Sreejesh managed to take a margin opposite Holland in a bronze award playoff of a Hockey World League Finals in Raipur on Sunday night. The night before, his physique was so bruise that a goalkeeper could hardly walk. The diagnosis went on late into a night yet still Sreejesh had to take 3 pain killers usually to start a diversion opposite a European champions.

But nothing of this would deter Sreejesh. Jovial that he is, he instead done light of his injuries. “Mummy jaisa loiter raha hoon na ekdum (Don’t we demeanour like Mummy?),” he joked, display a wrappings around his physique after a match. Not certain if a Dutch would have seen a humorous side of it, though. Sreejesh would haunt them like a mummy, pulling off overwhelming saves in a chastisement shootouts to improved a universe series dual side and assistance India win a first-ever general award in 33 years, incompatible a continental tournaments and Commonwealth Games. It wasn’t a initial time, however, that a 27-year-old shot-stopper stepped adult his diversion when a group indispensable a most. Last year in Incheon, he pulled off identical saves opposite Pakistan to assistance India finish a 16-year wait for Asian Games gold.

In football, they contend goalscorers win we matches, yet goalkepeers win we titles. It’s an regard that binds loyal in hockey as well, and Sreejesh is a testimony to it. It’s not a fluke that India have won dual of their biggest medals in new times with Sreejesh in a goal. And there are some distinguished similarities in a approach Sreejesh, who has a highway named after him in Kerala, pulled off those supernatural saves in shootouts opposite Pakistan final year, and Holland on Sunday. On both occasions, he ensured he did not dedicate himself when a penalty-taker entered a ‘D’. Instead, Sreejesh stood his ground, blocked a attacker’s angles and forced him divided from a goal. His balance, use of a hang and discerning footwork were a pivotal factors in both those wins in shootouts. “My thought is simple, usually watch a ball; not what a assailant is doing. we follow a round and try to safeguard it does not go past me,” Sreejesh said, adding modestly, “When a strikers score, that gives me confidence. we use that to keep out a opponents. we count on them.”

He might credit a strikers. But a border to that India relies on him can be done out by a fact that arch manager Roelant Oltmans did not mind starting even a half-fit Sreejesh in a semifinal opposite Belgium and on Sunday opposite Holland.

The aberration of India’s performances in many matches in Raipur was that there was not one standout outfield player. It was a finish group opening with occasional flashes of particular brilliance. But in many of those matches, credit will go to Sreejesh for carrying kept India in a match.

Understudy to categorical man

From being an student to Bharat Chetri during a London Olympics in 2012, a goalkeeper has left on to turn a many critical actor of a team. Without him, India could not have won a Asian Games — so a 2016 Olympic gift — and also a bronze during a Hockey World League Finals in Raipur. “His grant along with Sardar has been good in this tournament,” Oltmans certified on Sunday.

Oltmans generally isn’t one to singular out a player’s performance. But it is tough not to prominence Sreejesh’s grant to a team. The recklessness to play Sreejesh also stems from a fact that there are no decent alternates available. It’s tough to decider Harjot Singh, a team’s second-choice goalkeeper, as he has not been given adequate personification time, with Oltmans selecting to start with Sreejesh.

Sreejesh’s duties extend many over usually saving shots taken by a opponents. The management with that he controls and organises a counterclaim is one of a factors because a backline has looked comparatively improved in a final few months. “Communication is a pivotal and Sreejesh is unequivocally good during it. He is loud, can review a diversion good and has a honour of others in a team,” says defender VR Raghunath. “Even when he is indicating out something negative, he will give a certain spin to it so that a chairman does not feel demotivated.”

He can also be oppressive during times, generally on himself. At a sound of a final hooter, as many Indian players slumped to a belligerent carrying mislaid a two-goal advantage opposite Holland, Sreejesh rushed to a changing room, substantially for a discerning lavatory break. The goalkeeper looked distraught carrying authorised 5 goals, a grin on his face transposed with a frown.

A integrate of mins later, he re-emerged on a field, articulate to himself, put his helmet on and headed true towards a thought though unequivocally interacting many with a rest. He was visibly dissapoint with himself yet looked dynamic to make justification in a chastisement shootout. And he did.

Then, usually like he did in Incheon, Sreejesh pennyless into a jig. The grin was behind on his face. Later, Oltmans and Sardar spoke carefully about training from mistakes and scheming for a Rio Games. But we could bank on Sreejesh to be honest with his reply. “Tonight we will celebrate. That’s a initial thing we will do,” he said, looking during Sardar and Oltmans.

The pain was forgotten. The celebration would begin.