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As anyone who has ever eaten a unequivocally prohibited chilli will testify, they can means a lot of pain.

Chillies come in many shapes, colours, sizes and strengths, though one thing they have in common is a blazing prodigy they means in your mouth, eyes and any other partial of your physique into that their juices come into contact.

Although many people consider that a hottest partial of a chilli is a seeds, in fact it is a white squashy covering we find inside, called a placenta. Bite into this and we will unequivocally feel a burn.

That blazing prodigy is especially caused by a chemical called capsaicin, that is found in little glands in a chilli’s placenta.

When we eat a chilli, a capsaicin is expelled into your spit and afterwards binds on to TRPV1 receptors in your mouth and tongue.

The receptors are indeed there to detect a prodigy of sweltering heat.

Capsaicin creates your mouth feel as if it is on glow since a capsaicin proton happens to fit a receptors perfectly.

When this happens it triggers these receptors, that send a vigilance to your brain, rowdiness it into meditative that your mouth is literally burning.

Is a chilli peppers crony or foe?

Can we harm yourself eating chilli peppers?

The reason because furious chilli plants initial started to furnish capsaicin was to try and strengthen themselves from being eaten by mammals like you.

From an evolutionary viewpoint a plant would many rather have a seeds diluted distant and far-reaching by birds.

Oddly adequate birds, distinct mammals, don’t have TRPV1 receptors, so they do not knowledge any burn.

Humans messed things up

So producing capsaicin incited out to be a ideal approach to deter mammals from eating a plant while enlivening birds to do so.

But afterwards along came an ape with a hulk frontal cortex who somehow learnt to adore a burn.

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Humans have schooled to adore a bake of chillies

Humans are not usually not deterred by capsaicin, many of us definitely adore it. So what’s going on?

The ferocity of a chilli peppers is totalled in something called Scoville feverishness units (SHU).

A comparatively amiable chilli, like a Dutch Long chilli, is usually 500, though by a time we pierce on to a Naga chilli, that is one of a hottest in a world, we are satirical into something with a Scoville measure of some-more than 1.3m units.

The stream universe record hilt for hotness, however, is a Carolina Reaper, initial bred in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

According to tests carried out by a University of Winthrop in South Carolina it scores an considerable 1.57m SHUs

So, what happens when we punch into a unequivocally prohibited chill? As partial of a new BBC2 array The Secrets of Your Food, botanist James Wong and we entered a chilli eating competition.

Adrenaline release

Within mins of eating my initial chilli, my eyes began to H2O and my kick shot up.

My physique had responded to an initial detonate of serious pain by releasing adrenaline.

This not usually finished my heart kick faster, though it also finished my pupils dilate. Every turn a chillies got hotter and both of us shortly forsaken out.

Had we been means to endure satirical into some unequivocally prohibited chillies, it’s probable we would have gifted a “chilli endorphin high”.

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Chilli seeds are diluted by birds that eat them

Endorphins are healthy opiates, painkillers that are infrequently expelled in response to a chilli’s sting. Like opiates they are pronounced to satisfy a pervasive clarity of happiness.

It is a form of thrill-seeking – feeding a brains’ enterprise for stimulation.

Although it is not something we have privately ever experienced, we have positively listened it described by tough core chilli eaters..

But over a pain and a impolite pleasures, are there any health advantages to eating chillies? Perhaps.

In a new study finished by researchers from a University of Vermont they looked during information from some-more than 16,000 Americans who had filled in food questionnaires over an normal of 18.9 years.

During that time scarcely 5,000 of them had died. What they found was that those who ate a lot of red prohibited chillies were 13% reduction expected to die during that duration than those who did not.

This supports a anticipating of another new study, carried out in China, that came to identical conclusions.

So because competence eating chillies be good for you?

The researchers assume that it could be that capsaicin is assisting boost blood flow, or even altering a brew of your tummy germ in a useful direction.

Whatever a reason, it adds to my pleasure as we shower chilli on my omelette in a morning.

The Secrets of Your Food continues on BBC2 during 2100GMT on Friday 10th Mar .

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