Portsmouth couple’s fun over surrogacy success

Tracy and Pete Akoun with their daughters Nyobi and KenyaImage copyright
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Tracy and Pete Akoun with their daughters Nyobi (right) and Kenya (left) who were innate a month detached to dual opposite broker mothers, during home in Portsmouth

A integrate conned out of hundreds of pounds as they attempted to find a broker mom have finally turn parents.

Tracy and Pete Akoun had also suffered mixed miscarriages as they attempted to detect a baby.

But now they are celebrating after dual daughters arrived within a month of any other, from dual opposite broker mothers.

The couple, from Portsmouth, had found a women around amicable media.

It comes after 47-year-old Mrs Akoun suffered a miscarriage following incidentally descending profound not prolonged after assembly her husband.

After several some-more miscarriages, a integrate assessed other options, including surrogacy.

But after formulating a form on a surrogacy website they were hoodwinked out of £400 by a lady who conned them into starting a procedure.

Undeterred, Mr and Mrs Akoun assimilated a Facebook group, by that they found dual women, with partners and children of their own.

Mother-of-five Tricia Hunt, 36, and Kate Fruin-Smith, 37, who also has 5 of her possess children, were paid a monthly price by a integrate after apropos pregnant.

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Nyobi (left) was innate to Mrs Hunt on Jun 4 during St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester while Kenya (right) was innate to Ms Fruin-Smith on Jul 4 during Rotherham General Hospital, South Yorkshire

Mrs Akoun, an partner manager in a caring home, pronounced they were “ecstatic” after a integrate were means to have a “twins” they never had.

Their daughters, Nyobi and Kenya were innate within a month of any other in Jun and Jul final year.

Mrs Akoun, who has an 18-year-old daughter from a prior relationship, pronounced they keep in hold with a broker mothers.

“The attribute is like family and we’re still in touch. we don’t have any jealousy or distrust when they’re here,” she said.

“To both girls, we am their mum.”

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Tricia Hunt (left) and Kate Fruin-Smith (right) both have 5 children of their possess and live with their partners though wanted to do something to “give back”

Mrs Hunt and Ms Fruin-Smith, who live in opposite tools of a UK, both motionless to turn broker mothers as a approach of “giving back”.

The women had used donor spermatazoa to turn profound in their apart same-sex relations and felt they could assistance other women perplexing to start a family.

Ms Fruin-Smith said: “We motionless that if we were going to accept help, we could assistance others. It’s so rewarding to know we can make that most disproportion in somebody’s life.”