Pope Francis talks pivotal ‘global goals’ in debate during a UN

Pope Links Climate Change to Human Trafficking and Urges UN to Take Lead

NEW YORK (AP) — Pope Francis announced Friday that there is a “right of a environment” and that humankind has no management to abuse it, revelation some-more than 100 star leaders and diplomats during a United Nations that obligatory movement is indispensable to hindrance a drop of God’s creation.

Hoping to coax petrify commitments during arriving meridian change negotiations in Paris, Francis indicted a world’s absolute countries of indulging a “selfish and eternal thirst” for income by depredation a planet’s healthy resources and impoverishing a diseased and disadvantaged in a process.

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Francis’ speech, a fifth by a pope to a U.N., was a solution of his new training request on a environment, “Praise Be,” that has gay liberals and environmentalists and drawn ridicule from vast business interests.

By bringing a request to life before a U.N., Francis finished transparent his priorities.

“Any mistreat finished to a environment, therefore, is mistreat finished to humanity,” he said.

Francis’ debate kicked off what was approaching to be a whirlwind day in New York that blended a absolute and a poor, from a gravity of belligerent 0 and to a struggles of East Harlem.

Photos from Pope Francis’ initial day in NYC:

His revisit was scheduled to embody events as vast as a processional expostulate by Central Park, as personal as meetings with schoolchildren and immigrants, and as moving for a true as Mass for thousands during Madison Square Garden.

Francis was greeted on his attainment during a U.N. by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, a pivotal believer of Francis’ agenda.

In his opening remarks, Ban praised Francis for his priorities.

“You are during home not in palaces, though among a poor; not with a famous, though with a forgotten; not in central portraits, though in ‘selfies’ with immature people,” he said.

Among those in a assembly for Francis’ debate was Nobel assent laureate Malala Yousefzai, a immature Pakistani preparation supporter who was shot and sincerely bleeding by a Taliban. She will be addressing a U.N. limit later.

While his revisit outlines a fifth time a pope has been to a United Nations, a Vatican dwindle was lifted for a initial time only before his arrival. The General Assembly recently concluded to concede a U.N.’s dual spectator states, a Holy See and Palestine, to fly their flags alongside those of a 193 member states.

Speaking in a packaged General Assembly hall, Francis settled that “a right of a environment” exists.

He pronounced a star is a outcome of a “loving preference by a creator, who permits male respectfully to use origination for a good of his associate organisation and for a excellence of a creator: He is not certified to abuse it, most reduction destroy it.”

Echoing his encyclical’s pivotal message, he pronounced a “selfish and eternal lust for energy and element resources leads both to a injustice of accessible healthy resources and to a ostracism of a diseased and disadvantaged.”

After a U.N., a pope was scheduled to revisit a 9/11 memorial, where dual rapids pools symbol a outlines of a World Trade Center’s twin towers before they were defeated by a militant attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

He was approaching to accommodate kin of some of a scarcely 3,000 victims before streamer belowground to a Sept. 11 museum for an interfaith service.

Francis’ skeleton for Friday afternoon reflected a gusto of a “people’s pope” for enchanting with a public.

First on a bulletin was a revisit to Our Lady Queen of Angels School, set amid open housing in a heavily Hispanic area of East Harlem.

Known for ministering to a downtrodden in his local Buenos Aires, Francis was set to accommodate schoolchildren and offer a special blessing to refugees and immigrants, including people vital in a republic illegally.

Then he was to hail as many as 80,000 onlookers during a expostulate by Central Park, en track to Mass for 18,000 during Madison Square Garden.

On Thursday, in Washington, a pope waded into sour disputes while vocalization to Congress, entreating a republic to share a measureless resources with those reduction fortunate. He also urged a republic to annul a genocide penalty, quarrel tellurian warming and welcome immigrants.

Francis wraps adult his U.S. revisit this weekend in Philadelphia, where he speaks in front of Independence Hall and celebrates Mass on a Benjamin Franklin Parkway to tighten out a vast convene on Catholic families.


Associated Press writers Erica Werner, Donna Cassata, Matthew Daly, Alan Fram, Stephen Ohlemacher, Andrew Taylor, Mary Clare Jalonick, Ben Nuckols and Jessica Gresko in Washington, and Deepti Hajela, Edith Lederer, William Mathis, Jackie Snow and Rachel Zoll in New York contributed to this report.

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