Police: Officer killed in SC mall shooting

'Our Hearts Are Broken,' Says Police Chief After Mall Shooting

FOREST ACRES, S.C. (AP) — A military officer responding to a news of a questionable chairman was fatally shot during a suburban South Carolina mall on Wednesday, and military contend a think is in custody.

The occurrence began when a news came in only before 8 a.m., Forest Acres military Chief Gene Sealy told reporters. Two officers responded and attempted to speak to a person, who fled on feet and ran by tools of Richland Mall, including a Barnes and Noble bookstore, officials said.

Officer Greg Alia confronted a person, there was a struggle, and he was shot, Sealy said.

He was taken to a sanatorium and after died, officials said. No other injuries were reported.

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Sealy pronounced a think is in control and is being questioned. Sealy described a male as being armed with a handgun and a blade during a mall. Police did not fact any charges opposite a male and did not take questions during their news conference.

Sealy pronounced Alia was 32 years aged and a seven-year maestro of a department. He and his wife, Kassy, recently had a baby, Sealy said.

Joan Woodward, 81, lived subsequent doorway to a officer’s relatives and pronounced she had famous him given he was a baby. She pronounced Wednesday afternoon that she’d only visited with his mother and baby.

“She pronounced she was so advantageous that she had him for that length of time,” Woodward said.

She remembered unctuous candy to a officer when he came to her doorway as a child, and she called him “a special tellurian being.”

“When my father died 8 years ago, he was so sweet,” she said. “He came and sat with me. God always takes a angels.”

A GoFundMe page in support of Alia’s family had lifted some-more than $21,000 by midday Wednesday. It was set adult by Patrick Walsh of Ruston, Louisiana, who pronounced he and Alia were both members of a Phi Sigma Kappa companionship during a University of South Carolina.

Walsh pronounced that his crony embodied characteristics that would be useful in law enforcement.

“He was never confrontational, and we suspicion portion in a police, that’s an implausible peculiarity to have,” Walsh said.

Hours after a shooting, many of a mall – anchored by a dialect store, a bookstore and a museum formidable – was closed. Traffic flowed and a parking garage was open, though a categorical opening was sealed by yellow crime stage tape. Customers pulled in and out of a gas hire on a corner. A circuitously high propagandize was sealed down briefly.

Forest Acres is a residential city probably surrounded by Columbia. Sealy described it as “a tiny community, a tiny military department, though one large family.”

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