Police embankment slot books for app

A Gwent Police officer and a new mobile deviceImage copyright
Gwent Police

Two Welsh military army are ditching a normal slot notebooks for something most some-more 21st Century.

South Wales Police and Gwent Police are behest goodbye to paper and pens and regulating mobile inclination instead.

The electronic cover and I-Patrol app means officers can take audio and video accounts from witnesses and victims and upload information onto a complement but returning to a military station.

It was grown over dual years with a assistance of a £1.5m Home Office grant.

Gwent military and crime commissioner Ian Johnston pronounced a purpose was to minimise a time officers have to spend in stations and not on a streets, as good as saving time and money.

South Wales Police’s Assistant Chief Constable, Richard Lewis, added: “Technology is always changing and, notwithstanding a stream financial challenges, we are committed to creation best use of creation to quarrel crime and keep out communities safe.

“Our officers have some-more information during their fingertips than has ever been formerly probable and we are assured a open will benefit.”

Image copyright
Gwent Police

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