Poles hold in Sweden haven centre plot

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Masked organisation pounded foreigners during Stockholm executive hire final month as anti-immigrant tensions increased

Fourteen Polish far-right activists have been arrested in Sweden on guess of formulation to conflict haven seekers with axes, iron pipes and knives, military say.

They were incarcerated on Monday after military pronounced they perceived a tip-off.

The organisation was suspicion to have targeted an haven centre in Nynashamn, about 60km (37 miles) south of Stockholm.

Some 163,000 people practical for haven in Sweden in 2015, a top series in Europe by race size.

Sweden non-stop a doors to Syrian refugees in 2013, though motionless final Nov to tie a borders given it pronounced a numbers of migrants and refugees nearing was “unsustainable”.

‘Far-right scene’

The 14 Poles were incarcerated on Monday dusk in raids on cars in a Nynashamn area, military said, a brief stretch from an haven centre.

Aged between 20 and 35, some live in Sweden henceforth while others are usually visiting a country, according to Swedish reports.

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There have been demonstrations in Stockholm this year opposite emigration to a country

“They are Polish citizens, and seem to be partial of a far-right scene. Three of them were concerned in a proof opposite refugees dual weeks ago and were arrested for assaulting someone,” southern Stockholm military orator Lars Alvarsjo told Radio Sweden.

The suspects were suspicion to have discussed a conflict on Facebook.

Swedish Television reported that they might have designed a conflict in plea for a prior brawl on a commuter train.

Heightened tension

Last month adult to 100 masked men, dressed in black, collected in executive Stockholm to conflict people from newcomer backgrounds.

Witnesses pronounced a organisation had physically assaulted people they believed were foreigners amid heightened tragedy in Sweden over a migrant crisis.

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Sweden took in 163,000 haven seekers final year though has tightened limit controls to move a numbers down

There were scuffles between pro- and anti-migrant demonstrators.

Tensions have increasing after a 22-year-old lady operative during a centre for immature haven seekers was stabbed to death during a finish of Jan in Molndal, nearby Gothenburg. A 15-year-old haven seeker was arrested.

Along with Germany, Sweden has been a primary end for refugees and migrants entering a EU illegally.

More than one million refugees and migrants trafficked to Europe final year, many journey conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The numbers nearing in Sweden have depressed significantly given it imposed tighter limit controls during a start of a year.

Last month Interior Minister Anders Ygeman pronounced a nation would ready to expatriate adult to 80,000 migrants whose haven applications were rejected.