Players contingency clear wages

Chelsea’s players need to clear their “big wages” and start personification like “big players”, says Blues’ Cesc Fabregas.

The floundering Premier League champions are usually one indicate above a relegation section after Monday’s

ninth improved of a season,

during Leicester.

After a diversion trainer Jose Mourinho pronounced his

“work was betrayed”

by his players.

“If we are a large player, and paid like a large player, we contingency play like a large actor and act like a large player,” pronounced Spain midfielder Fabregas.

“I am not observant we can’t have a bad deteriorate and bad games though a opinion contingency be mark on.

“We contingency always be during a tip of a games, and a poise has to be improved than what we are observant right now from each singular Chelsea player.”


Relegation is a probability – Nevin

Chelsea are 16th with usually 15 points following a improved by table-topping Leicester.

In Premier League history, when teams have had 15 points from 16 games, they have finished, on average, in 17th position – one place above a dump zone.

Mourinho says he does not trust a Stamford Bridge bar are in a relegation battle.

BBC Sport

However, former Blues winger Pat Nevin told BBC Radio 5 live that a Portuguese should not “ignore a concept” of going down and that injuries could make it “even some-more difficult” to equivocate being dragged into a “battle” to equivocate a drop.

“You have to be picturesque about relegation,” pronounced Nevin. “Absolutely do not omit it. When we miss confidence, that can widespread by a group and it all can go opposite you.

“I don’t consider they’ll go down, though don’t bury your conduct in a sand. It’s a probability so don’t omit it.

“I didn’t consider they’d be down there after 16 games. What about 20 games? What about 23 or 24? Then we start meditative about it.”

Fabregas, vocalization during a Facebook doubt and answer session, added: “Right now is not a time to consider of where we competence finish, we’ve been observant it roughly all season.”

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