Pizza Hut Makes It Dangerously Easy to Order With Its Pie Top Sneakers

Pizza Hut has done grouping pizza dangerously easy with a newest innovation, Pie Tops. Yes, a punny boots are tangible high-top sneakers that concede we to sequence pizza by dire a symbol with Pizza Hut’s trademark directly on your shoe. The usually locate is a boots aren’t for sale, since accessibility is limited. Only 64 pairs of a shoe have been combined — in association with a NCAA contest — and any one is done from scratch, according to a Pizza Hut spokesperson. Get a glance of how a high-tech boots work in Pizza Hut’s video with NBA star Grant Hill, that shows how they’re connected to Bluetooth (genius!).

The symbol connects a tangible Pie Tops boots to your phone and a Pie Tops app, permitting a user to press a symbol and now contention a pizza order. While we competence not be means to wear a boots yourself, Pizza Hut says, “These special-edition boots are designed as a artistic countenance of how easy it now is to get a Pizza Hut Pizza,” like on a apps, mobile site, or Amazon Alexa. We don’t know about you, though we devise on regulating these enchanting powers to get a grilled-cheese-stuffed-crust pizza delivered to us as shortly as possible.