Piyaa Albela 4th Jan 2018 Written Update Of Full Episode: Naren saves Pooja from military after Kapoor’s death

Piyaa Albela starts with Pooja(Sheen Dass) holding Dadaji to reserve and after she realises that she is in Kapoor’s control room and decides to check for a video from a hospital. She gets a video and destroys it. Dadaji asks Pooja to take Naren(Akshay Mhatre) and go behind home though Pooja refuses as she says that she killed Kapoor and she will take a punishment wholeheartedly. She asks Dadaji to lapse home with Naren. Pooja gets arrested and Naren faints. Dadaji sees Naren and is overwhelmed. He remembers Pooja revelation him that a family needs him. He runs towards Naren and kisses his forehead. Pooja sees Naren being carried away. Pooja is taken to a military hire while Naren is carried divided to a sanatorium accompanied by Dadaji. Supriya asks Pandit how can it bee that her initial child is pronounced to be passed and also a same with Harish. She remembers Naren and feels it is impossible. Dadaji hears Naren take Pooja’s name as Pooja thinks that she can't let Dadaji’s law be suggested infront of Naren so she has to go to jail. Dadaji reaches sanatorium with Naren and thinks that he will make Naren good and take him behind to Pooja.(Also Read: Naren resolves to self-murder incompetent to hoop a truth)

Dadaji gets kidnapped by someone on a sanatorium premises. Surbhi refuses to continue with a play of pregnancy as Neelima creates her to do a same. Naren wakes adult and is realistic to go to Pooja though he unexpected remembers about Kapoor and her together. Pooja is questioned by military and she confesses to have killed Kapoor. Pooja says that she would pointer a admission letter. Naren walks in right afterwards and stops them. He says that Pooja is mentally inconstant and no one can plague her. Pooja plays along as she runs to Naren. Naren tells a military about Pooja and Kapoor’s mental state. Pooja runs to cuddle Naren as she still acts mad. Naren remembers their time together. Pooja thinks that she has to finish this play shortly adequate and that she can't dope Naren anymore. Later Naren asks Pooja what she was doing with Kapoor in a video, Pooja gets tensed for a moment. Naren laughs it off creation Pooja some-more disturbed and she decides to finish this play shortly enough. Naren drops his phone as he leaves. Pooja drinks H2O while Naren is divided and she by mistake drops Kapoor’s phone from a military table. Later Naren picks adult Kapoor’s phone meditative it is his. Surbhi is removing some-more and some-more raw by a pregnancy drama. As they transport behind Pooja decides to finish a play and also warn him with Dadaji.

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