Pills, heroin found on Scott Weiland’s bus

1204-scott-weiland-tmz-03Scott Weiland‘s debate train was a pharmacy on wheels … military found a accumulate of drugs on house that ran a progression from hardcore narcotics to prescriptions to ED meds.

TMZ performed a duplicate of a hunt aver Bloomington, MN cops got to hunt Weiland’s train after his genocide — and it shows they found during slightest 2 bags of a white substance. They’ve already pronounced that piece tested certain for cocaine.

Also on a train — a general chronicle of Xanax, 2 opposite brands of sleeping pills, Buprenorphine … a fake soporific painkiller, and Viagra. There was also Ziprasidone … that is used to provide bipolar commotion and schizophrenia. Scott was diagnosed as bipolar in 2001.

According to a docs, all of those drugs were found in a bedroom on a bus. We know Scott’s physique was found in a bedroom … nonetheless a request does not discuss his name.

Cops also found one bag of a green, shaggy substance.