PHOTO: Soulja Boy Reveals Getting His Face Tattoos Removed


On final night’s prejudiced 2 special of “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” reunion, Soulja Boy suggested that has been stealing his face tattoos private after surmise of him wearing make-up.

Looking genuine doubtful (yes, we conspicuous it), a rapper, who is value an supposed $25 million, explained to a show’s stewardess that his welfare to disturb his facial artworks was given of “people mindful he looked too many of a thug.

According 25-year-old Chicago-native, “he’s not nonetheless done” and have a few some-more appointments to get his face tattoos wholly private around laser surgery.


Do we cruise Soulja, genuine name DeAndre Cortez Way, on-again-off-again partner Nia Riley have something to do with him going behind to his good child roots?

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