Phaedra Parks Is Finally Getting Her Apollo Nida Divorce

Phaedra Parks has reportedly reached an divorce agreement with Apollo Nida. Their divorce has been dragged out for a final 3 years and a warring integrate have finally come to an agreement.

But what does this meant for Phaedra? The Former Real Housewife of Atlanta has already mislaid her place on a strike Bravo uncover and is also confronting accusations from Bobby Brown that she was hardly a good attorney.

So a existence star has been holding a lot of hits newly and we would assume a divorce competence finally be a china backing however we can’t forget a kids. The kids meant that Apollo will always be a partial of her life and so she had to hook on some of their conditions for divorce.

Phaedra for instance had concluded to phone calls between her ex-husband and their dual sons, Dylan and Ayden notwithstanding not wanting her children to be unprotected to Apollo’s stream lifestyle. Apollo as we can remember was portion time behind bars for income rascal and not that prolonged ago there had been rumors that Phaedra knew what he was doing and had indeed played a purpose in his many scams. But whatever a case, she managed to get by that time unscathed and now she’s putting aside her hate opposite Apollo.

Apollo had been a crap father and there’s unequivocally no doubt about that. He was rude, inconsiderate, and flirted with other women. But surprisingly it had been Phaedra that had gotten called out during their divorce for her unwashed strategy and altogether indignity of Apollo.

According to Ebony’s Online Edition, “Parks was indicted of dubious Nida and “intentionally misspelling a parties names” by a judge. Nida also was pronounced to have never been served paper work informing him of his dissolved marital status.”

So this divorce and a fact that a dual are clearly separating amicably after all that happened is truly a present since now their children are giveaway from traffic with this prohibited mess!

Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for 2017 ESSENCE Festival