Peyton Manning Says Al Jazeera Documentary’s Doping Claims Are “Complete Garbage”

Al Jazeera America will atmosphere an inquisitive documentary Sunday that allegedly exposes a doping ring involving vital athletes, including Peyton Manning, the Huffington Post reported late Saturday night.

According to a report, a Qatari-backed wire news network alleges that an Indianapolis anti-aging hospital granted a Denver Broncos quarterback with tellurian expansion hormone in 2011 when he was recuperating from neck surgery.

Manning strongly denied a claims on Saturday night. “The claim that we would do something like that is finish rubbish and is totally done up,” he pronounced in a personal matter expelled by a Broncos. “It never happened. Never. we unequivocally can’t trust somebody would put something like this on a air. Whoever pronounced this is creation things up.”

The claim comes in a documentary called The Dark Side: Secrets of a Sports Dopers, that is a outcome of months of clandestine review by British hurdler Liam Collins “in an try to display a widespread inlet of performance-enhancing drugs in tellurian sports.”

In a documentary, according to a Huffington Post, Collins personally annals pharmacist Charlie Sly alleging that a hospital mailed expansion hormone and other drugs to Manning’s wife, Ashley.

Manning’s representative denied a sum of a news to AJA, job Sly’s assertions “outrageous and wrong.”

Sly, who reportedly links a handful of other athletes, even backpedals when approached by AJA, observant his claims were “false and incorrect.”

In 2011, HGH was on a NFL’s list of criminialized substances, though they didn’t start contrast for it until 2014.