Peter Hermann Was ‘So Nervous’ to Read His Children’s Book to His 3 Kids with Mariska Hargitay

Peter Hermann only combined another fulfilment to his resume: published author.

In a box of life imitating art, a actor — who plays book publisher Charles Brooks in TV Land’s Younger — came out with his initial book this week: a dainty children’s design book titled If a S in Moose Comes Loose.

“It came out of play, a fun of rhyming, and a thought that denunciation is a lot of opposite things,” Hermann, 50, tells PEOPLE. “And one of a things that it can be is a playground. we consider that’s a pleasing place to play.”

Hermann, a former high propagandize English clergyman whose initial pursuit out of college was Teach for America, says he’s famous for essay down rhymes “all a time.”

“I used to write them down on pieces of paper, and afterwards we graduated to emailing them to myself — we consider there are substantially a whole garland of them deeply buried in my email, never to be seen again,” he says. “But this one, we stranded it underground, watered it a small bit and it started to thrive some branches. It all started with a rhyme of ‘moose’ and ‘loose,’ and we were off and running. The initial chronicle of it was 5,000 words, that is epic. Now we consider it’s down to only around 900.”

“One of a reasons we like to rhyme is we consider it’s a witty approach to classify a world,” he continues. “If we put out a word, and we know that possibly in one line or a subsequent line we have to rhyme with that word, we have your assignment. It creates a structure to follow — it’s like a game. And it’s a fun diversion to play as writer.”

Peter Hermann

Of course, essay a children’s book as a father of 3 comes with a small bit of pressure.

“I was so shaken display it to my kids,” admits Hermann, who shares sons August, 11, Andrew, 6, and daughter Amaya, 6, with his wife, Law Order: Special Victims Unit star Mariska Hargitay.

“The initial time that we indeed review them a finish book, we consider they could tell that we was anticipating they would unequivocally like it,” he recalls. “They were like, ‘Dude, Dad, chill.’ And they adore it. Now a youngest keeps seeking for it, though we consider that it competence be since he wants to get in with me. we consider it’s a somewhat domestic move. Smart small dude!”

Peter Hermann and Mariska Hargitay

The unapproachable father says his kids can’t wait to uncover off a book, illustrated by Matthew Cordell, to their friends.

“They are so vehement to go to their propagandize libraries and be means to indicate to a book and say, ‘My father wrote that,’ ” he says. “I only can't wait.”

As for what he hopes children reading a book will take divided from it?

“It’s engaging — as we was essay it, we called it a silly rhyming spelling romp. we wanted it to be fun, and we don’t contend that dismissively,” he says. “I wanted it to be fun, collateral F, as surpassing as that word can be. we wanted it to move fun and delight and all of that. And a some-more that we review it, a some-more time we spent with it, a some-more we satisfied that it was simply a book about loyalty and a book about steady for loyalty and a lengths that we will go by to put those we adore behind together when they come apart. And we all come detached sometimes.”

The book cover of If a S in Moose Comes Loose

And now that he’s gotten into a pitch of writing, Hermann doesn’t play on negligence down.

“I have a whole garland of ideas,” he says. “Now that one of them has done it out of a factory, a other ones are like, ‘Wait a second! What about me? My turn!’ I’m really happy that there are some-more ideas, and I’m essay away.”