People Waited in Line For Hours to Get This Beauty and a Beast Cup during Disneyland

Disneyland recently converted a Village Haus grill into a Red Rose Tavern as a proxy reverence to Beauty and a Beast. In further to perplexing a “gray stuff,” visitors had a choice of purchasing a limited-edition Beauty and a Beast tumbler.

The crater looks only like a famous fascinated rose from a movie, and Disney-lovers went nuts for a darling product. The tumbler is made like a potion jar Beast keeps his rose in and facilities a red rose within a cup. The tumbler even lights up, creation a collector’s object even some-more magical. Some thesis park guest waited in line for hours to bombard out $15 for one of a overwhelming cups.

Unfortunately, a tumblers are now sole out, though if you’re unequivocally failing to get your hands on one of these enchanting cups, they’re being auctioned off on eBay for some-more than twice a strange price. Keep scrolling to see a beautiful tumbler.