People: Jesse Williams & Minka Kelly are strictly ‘dating’ now, how interesting

Most people didn’t review my post yesterday about Jay-Z’s 4:44, or a newly expelled “Footnotes on 4:44.” In a footnotes, Jay-Z and other group speak about marriage, poisonous masculinity, their emotions and more. Jay-Z fabricated a far-reaching array of black group and group of tone for a project, that is awesome. One of a fabricated dudes was Jesse Williams, who left his mom Aryn Drake-Lee progressing this year. The report going around was that Jesse and Aryn’s matrimony was over shortly after he met Minka Kelly final year. Page Six and TMZ pretty many reliable Minka’s role in Jesse’s divorce, though that didn’t stop Jesse from perplexing to, like, take a high highway in a footnotes project. He says in “Footnotes on 4:44”:

“I was in a attribute 13 years, 13 genuine years, not 5 years, not 7 years — 13 years. All of a remarkable motherf—ers are essay think-pieces that we somehow threw a 13-year relationship. Like, a many unpleasant knowledge I’ve had in my life with a chairman I’ve desired with all of my heart — that we threw a chairman and my family in a rabble since a lady we work with is cute.”

Justifiable shade (towards a report press) or is he only untrustworthy as hell? we pronounced yesterday that he can try to sound irritable all he wants, we am still assured that he did accurately what he describes: he threw divided 13 years with Aryn so that he could get with Minka Kelly. That’s not a thinkpiece, that’s a significant matter about what a f–k happened. Well, those comments came out late Monday. Mid-day Tuesday, People Magazine ran this story:

New integrate alert! Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are dating, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

“They’re carrying a good time together,” adds a source of a pair, who are now operative on a video diversion together. The news comes 3 months after Grey’s Anatomy star Williams strictly separate from mom Aryn Drake-Lee.

Williams filed for divorce on Apr 11, according to papers performed by PEOPLE. The actor initial met Drake-Lee, a genuine estate broker, while operative as a schoolteacher in New York. The span marry in Sep 2012 after some-more than 5 years of dating. Williams and Drake-Lee are now in justice per a control agreement over their dual immature children: daughter Sadie, 3, and son Maceo, who was innate in 2015.

[From People]

We’ve talked before about a enlightenment of report and I’ve voiced some concerns that infrequently we “cancel” celebrities too soon, or that people are being canceled over some teenager infringement or bad choice of words. But really, we feel like canceling Jesse Williams. He’s perplexing to have his cake and eat it too, in a lot of opposite ways. He wants to “get credit” for being with a same lady for 13 years, though he doesn’t wish to take a strike for transfer his mom (and mom of his children) for another woman. He wants to revelry in his possess irritable self-esteem for how no one unequivocally understands his personal business, all while attempting to rollout his new attribute with Minka in People Magazine. He’s a walking cliche though he believes he is a many special and misunderstood male ever. Sorry, guys. Cancel him.

Oh, here’s some-more justification of Jesse’s attempted Girlfriend Rollout: he and Minka got pap’d together on a “date night” final night. Affleck-esque cliche.

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