People Are LIVID Over The All-Female Lord Of The Flies Remake — Find Out Why!

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Female-centric remakes are a newest Hollywood trend — and since shouldn’t they be? Audiences are longing female-driven stories and nostalgia these days, so mixing a dual seems like a guaranteed impact dunk.

But not any male-driven classical works with a conflicting gender… specifically, when a whole grounds of a story revolves around boys being idiots since they’re boys.

That’s what people are frantically perplexing to indicate out after Warner Bros. announced skeleton to reconstitute Lord of a Flies — though with immature girls stranded on a island instead of boys!

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Those who review William Golding‘s 1954 novel (or even Sparknoted it) contend a story wouldn’t make clarity with all girls since it was meant to uncover a pitfalls of poisonous masculinity.

Many critics mused that instead of bend into barbarous animals, a organisation of stranded girls would possibly peacefully work together or only leave any other a fuck alone.

Adding fuel to a glow is a fact that a reconstitute will be created and destined by dual men, Scott McGehee and David Siegel — that is frequency a pointer we’re in for a feminist coming-of-age film of a decade.

What do we think, Perezious Bookworms? Can Lord of a Flies be successfully remade with a organisation of girls? See what people are observant and criticism (below)!

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