People Are Dipping Pizza in Milk, and We Have SO Many Effing Questions

Pizza-lovers, we might have usually detected something even some-more argumentative than a everlasting pineapple commanding debate. It looks like foodies everywhere have started dunking their cheesy slices into a potion of divert before holding a bite. Yes, we review that correctly. People are true adult dipping their pizza in milk, and they’re regulating amicable media to widespread a word about a bizarre eating habit.

Though some Twitter users somehow seem impossibly into a pizza-milk combo, others are on a same page as us — as in, a usually thing that presumably comes to mind is “WTF?”

After recuperating from a call of startle (and nausea) we gifted a initial time we saw justification of this apparent food-consumption trend, a inundate of questions entered my brain. we have listed them below, and I’m perfectionist a answers ASAP.

  1. Doesn’t this make your cut of ‘za get cold? we mean, we know there’s a cult of cold-pizza devotees out there, though this seems like a really unwelcome form of heat change.
  2. Who was a initial chairman to try this out?
  3. Exactly what was going by their conduct when they initial suspicion to span their pizza with milk? (Read: Exactly how many drugs were they on during that moment?)
  4. What on earth is a advantage of this? Is it probable that it indeed tastes rather decent?
  5. Doesn’t it make a membrane get all soggy? There’s zero worse than slimy crust, am we right?
  6. For a people who dedicate this sinful impiety opposite pizza: is plantation sauce usually not good adequate for you?
  7. And is it best dunked with whole, skim, or almond milk? Or, brave we contend it, half and half?
  8. If we attempted dipping pineapple pizza in milk, would it cancel out a vileness and ambience edible?
  9. Lastly, how could we misuse pizza like this?!

All jokes aside, we’re honestly curious: would we try this crazy-strange eating habit? Take a check next to let us know!