Paul Haggis on Scientology Series: "You Don’t Want to Piss Off Leah Remini"

The Oscar-winning executive discusses his arriving coming on Remini’s uncover and a parallels he sees between Scientologists and Trump supporters.

Leah Remini didn’t always devise for a second deteriorate of her show, Scientology and a Aftermath, a low display of a classification she was a partial of for many of her life. The arriving deteriorate premieres this summer, with deteriorate one earning an Emmy curtsy for Remini, as good as AE’s biggest premiere rating in 3 years.

Season dual has many surprises in store, including an talk with a maybe Hollywood’s many distinguished Scientology defector, Oscar-winning writer-director Paul Haggis. He appears on a uncover to plead his mangle from a church and a consistent nuisance he perceived after his really open separate from a organization.

Haggis was a large fan of a initial deteriorate of Remini’s show. “She’s impossibly brave,” Haggis tells THR from a Ischial Global Fest. “And it’s a really personal story with her, since of march she grew adult in Scientology, distinct me. But we don’t wish to piss off Leah Remini. You know, we usually don’t wish to piss her off. And they pissed her off, and we see it.”

Haggis, who left a classification a few years before Remini, pronounced that she was a usually chairman who didn’t evade him after his departure, and even shielded his position to a church.

And afterwards she finally non-stop her eyes too,” he says. “It’s a prolonged process. You are so flooded with what they wish we to demeanour at. we meant it’s absurd when we step outward and demeanour during it, though when we are inside we trust we are a one. It’s your organisation and we are underneath conflict by all these bigots around a world, these bullies, and so we mount adult for them.”

Haggis maintains that notwithstanding a renewed open turn critique of Scientology, no one in a classification is noticing. “A. they aren’t allowed, though B. it’s not like someone is determining their radio set. It’s a enlightenment that is a really delayed routine of brainwashing,” he says. “No Scientologist will watch Going Clear or her show. Out of a indicate of honour they won’t.”

He does see parallels between Scientologist and Trump supporters and a consistent call of “fake news,” along with Remini who has forked out that they are both really antagonistic toward a media. 

“Of march a lot of Scientologists are Trump supporters,” he says. “It’s a same kind of strong-arm mentality. It’s really strange, though a lot of them are really most in that kind of thinking.”

Scientology recently came into a news again with many critics doubt a choice of casting Elizabeth Moss in The Handmaid’s Tale, about a made-up eremite regime that oppresses women, given her impasse in a organization.

“Yes it’s bizarre isn’t it,” he says of a casting. “I don’t know Elisabeth. we met her once. But we don’t consider if we asked her she’d find it ironic, since we don’t consider anyone within a church views a church like that. Because we are taught to trust that it’s about giveaway debate and giveaway thought, etc. It’s not, though that is what we are taught. So they truly trust that they are fortifying freedom.”

Haggis is so informed with Scientology’s strategy to pronounce out opposite opponents that he is already expecting their response to his coming on a arriving show. “I’m certain they will put out a statement, again, how I’m a liar and what a terrible male we am. How we do no work in Haiti or anything else,” he says, about his ongoing work in Haiti underneath his nonprofit Artists for Peace and Justice. “They exaggerate all a good work they do in Haiti and how we do it for photo-ops or something. It’s usually ridiculous and we don’t have to compensate any courtesy to it.”

His usually wish for a uncover is that people watch it and form their possess opinions. “I consider if people usually open their eyes that’s great,” he says. “I’m not on a electioneer to open people’s eyes. It’s adult to them.”

In further to appearing on a arriving show, Haggis is now finishing a new script. He’s also co-directing an arriving documentary film with doc helmer Dan Krauss about Ward 5B in San Francisco in a early 1980s in a center of a AIDS epidemic. While many caretakers refused to yield a then-unknown disease, a tiny organisation of doctors and nurses were dynamic to yield everybody with care, effectively formulating a world’s initial quadriplegic AIDS clinic.

Haggis skeleton on holding a film to festivals subsequent year, and eventually to a streaming platform.

You indeed get your films seen, that is so tough for eccentric films these days, usually in a ways we’ve changed,” he says. “I’ve oral to so many friends when my final eccentric film came out and they go ‘Oh we can’t wait to see it, when is it on Netflix?’ we go, ‘It’s in a theaters right now, it’s opening this weekend!’ And they go ‘yeah, yeah, when is it on Netflix?’ And those are my friends. We all get lazy.”