Paris Jackson ‘So Sick’ of Difficult Week After Denying Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson is “so ill of it.”

The 20-year-old daughter of late musician Michael Jackson took to Twitter on Monday to opening her disappointment during reports about her in a media.

Seemingly referring to an essay that claimed she was seen dozing off during a circle on Sunday, Jackson described a unfolding to her followers, portrayal a design of how she was simply shutting her eyes and listening to strain while her boyfriend, Gabriel Glenn, pumped gas.

“*Parks during gas hire watchful for my beloved to siphon gas* *closes eyes to listen to favorite song*,” she wrote. “Paps take pic and wizz in so we can’t see that i’m parked and credit me of descending defunct during a circle … when will this stop.”

Shortly after, she combined to a Twitter thread, writing, “This past week it’s been nonstop bullsh** i’m so ill of it.”

Jackson’s sharpening disappointment comes after she spoke out over a weekend to repudiate a news that she had been hospitalized following an purported self-murder attempt.

“F**k we we f**king liars,” she wrote in response to a TMZ story alleging she done an try on her life.

“Lies lies lies omg and some-more lies,” she added. 

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On Saturday, a source told ET that Jackson suffered an collision during her home and compulsory medical diagnosis and a brief hospitalization, but that she was “resting during home and doing fine.”

She was spotted out and about after that day with Glenn.

See some-more on a hospitalization below.


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