Para Snowboarder Brenna Huckaby Talks a Biggest Message She Wants to Pass on to Her Daughter

Brenna Huckaby has privileged utterly a life hurdles, yet she’s looking brazen with positivity — not usually for a consequence of herself, yet her daughter.

The world-champion snowboarder had been a nationally ranked gymnast adult until age 14, determining to make a switch to snowboarding when she mislaid her leg to osteosarcoma.

“People contend they couldn’t get by what we did, yet honestly, it’s healthy to keep going,” Huckaby, now 22, tells Parents magazine for a Feb issue, posing for a cover with her baby lady Lilah, 17 months.

“You only do it. My mom helped me to concentration on ‘lights,’ like a lights during a finish of tunnels, during treatment,” she continued. “I’d prognosticate super simple stuff, like being a teen again and, really, only living.”

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Brenna Huckaby

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One thing Huckaby schooled via a exhausting treatments and therapy was something she is dynamic to pass on to Lilah — starting as shortly as possible.

“I struggled with physique picture as a teen, and it took losing my leg to comprehend that my physique is so most more than something to demeanour at,” she says. “I will do all to learn this to my daughter.”

“A year of struggling — with balance, muscle, my speed — to learn to travel again done me see that my legs weren’t there to be beautiful, yet to get me from place to place,” adds a mom of one. “You feel so most stronger when we demeanour during it that way.”

Brenna Huckaby and daughter Lilah cover Parents' Feb issue

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Huckaby admits that Lilah already started snowboarding before her 1st birthday — completely “by accident,” though, on a family outing including Huckaby’s partner and Lilah’s dad, Tristan, who is also a snowboarder.

“We took her to Lake Tahoe and designed to lift her adult a mountain in a backpack, yet they wouldn’t let anyone on a lift without a board,” explains a pro athlete.

“So we strapped a tiny one on her, and she desired it,” Huckaby adds. “Now we have this tiny tow-rope complement we can get for unequivocally tiny kids that allows us to lift her.”