Panda Express Now Has an Orange Chicken Burrito That You’ll Want ASAP

A post common by Michael (@kakonn) on Mar 25, 2016 during 3:45pm PDT

People are drooling over Panda Express’s orange duck burrito, and for apparent reasons. The inventive food hybrid combines your everlasting adore of honeyed and crunchy orange duck and portable, on-the-go burritos with all a fillings. OK, so it’s technically a “wrap” that’s partial of Panda Express’s creation kitchen menu. You select your bottom (chow mein noodles, boiled rice, white rice, brownish-red rice, salad greens, or scallion pancake) and afterwards supplement your choice of meat, that includes orange duck and sugar walnut shrimp. From there, we can also supplement salsas like honeyed and green and crunchy components like preserved cucumbers or crispy shallots. Basically, it’s all we adore about Panda Express, all wrapped adult into one dish with any object in each bite. If we weren’t longing Chinese food already, we gamble we are now. And if we can’t wait to try a burrito ASAP, we advise seeking if your Panda Express facilities a sought-after creation menu.