Pakistan polygamy: Lahore male jailed over unapproved second marriage

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A Pakistan justice has jailed a male for 6 months for marrying a second lady but his wife’s permission.

The justice in Lahore also systematic Shahzad Saqib to compensate a £1,433 ($1,900) fine, rejecting his evidence that Islam authorised him to have adult to 4 wives.

Saqib’s initial mother Ayesha Bibi had successfully argued that marrying but her created capitulation was a crack of Pakistan’s family law.

Women’s rights activists pronounced a outcome would daunt polygamy.

They also pronounced it would commission women and could outcome in some-more women in identical situations holding adult their cases with a courts.

“It is enlivening that a wronged lady has used this law to protest to a court,” Romana Bashir, who heads a Peace and Development Foundation, a non-governmental organisation, told Reuters news agency.

“The preference augurs good for women’s empowerment,” she added.

In Pakistan, group who take mixed wives customarily do so after a duration of several years – and contingency get created capitulation from their initial mother before to a second marriage.

Pakistan’s Council of Islamic Ideology (CII), a physique that provides authorised recommendation to a supervision on Islamic issues, has mostly criticised a country’s family law.

However, recommendations by a CII are not legally binding.

Saqib has a right to interest opposite Wednesday’s verdict.