Pak National Assembly condemns Trump’s ‘hostile’ comments, Foreign Minister urges govt to postpone visits by US delegations

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Pakistan’s National Assembly upheld a fortitude on Wednesday condemning U.S. President Donald Trump’s accusations that Islamabad was prolonging a fight in Afghanistan, disapproval them as “hostile” and “threatening”. Speaking before a assembly, Pakistani Foreign Minister Khwaja Asif Asif urged a supervision to cruise postponing any visits by U.S. delegations to Pakistan or by Pakistani officials to a United States and shutting off “ground and atmosphere lines of communication by Pakistan”.

On Sunday, Pakistan’s unfamiliar bureau announced that it had deferred a revisit by a U.S. behaving Assistant Secretary of State Alice Wells to plead Washington’s new Afghan policy, though during a time did not yield a reason. Trump indicted Pakistan of harbouring “agents of chaos” and providing protected havens to belligerent groups waging an rebellion opposite a U.S.-backed supervision in Kabul. Pakistani officials bristle during what they contend is a miss of honour from Washington for a country’s sacrifices in a fight opposite militancy and a successes opposite groups like al Qaeda, Islamic State or a Pakistani Taliban.

Pakistan estimates there have been 70,000 Pakistani casualties in belligerent attacks given it assimilated a U.S. fight on apprehension after a Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on a United States. Successive U.S. administrations have struggled with how to understanding with nuclear-armed Pakistan. Washington smoke about inaction opposite a Taliban, though Pakistan has been useful on other counterterrorism efforts, including opposite al Qaeda and Islamic State.

The United States also has no choice though to use Pakistani roads to resupply a infantry in landlocked Afghanistan. U.S. officials worry that if Pakistan becomes an active foe, it could serve destabilise Afghanistan and discredit U.S. soldiers. “Afghanistan, a U.S. and a allies should tighten their borders to leaders of terrorist, belligerent groups carrying out acts of terrorism opposite Pakistan,” Asif told a assembly.

He combined that Pakistan was endangered about Islamic State multiplying in Afghan provinces adjacent Pakistan. Pakistani officials and media have also raged about Trump’s calls for India’s increasing impasse in Afghanistan. Asif termed an increasing purpose for New Delhi in Kabul “highly unpropitious to informal stability” and indicted India of ancillary terrorism and “destabilizing politics in a region”.

In response to warnings that Washington competence cut assist to Pakistan, Asif deserted a significance of American dollars, observant that Pakistan has mislaid some-more than $123 billion to terrorism given a Sept. 11 attacks. Any bid to besiege Pakistan would face problems from China, that has deepened domestic and troops ties with Islamabad and invested scarcely $60 billion in infrastructure in Pakistan.

The attribute between Islamabad and Washington has endured durations of impassioned aria during a past decade, generally after al Qaeda personality Osama bin Laden was found and killed by U.S. special army in Pakistan in a 2011 raid.

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