Page Six: Lindsay Shookus is ‘comfortable removing a lot of attention’

Page Six has a rather prolonged square on Lindsay Shookus, a SNL writer who became famous a integrate of weeks ago for being a initial lady Ben Affleck has plainly antiquated post divorce. Several sources give inside quotes that have opposing opinions on Shookus. A co-worker and one publicist regard her and her work ethic and rush about how she landed Affleck. Another publicist creates it sound like she’s a conniving so-and-so. The essay paints her as rather of a actor in that she’s rumored to have antiquated Jon Hamm and Chris Noth in a duration she was distant from her father and (presumably) carrying a time out from her event with Affleck, that started in 2013 if reports are correct. She hung in there, Affleck came back, and now she’s removing a boon of being a cold lady who was initial seen out with Affleck. It’s a prolonged essay and I’m only doing a highlights, so we competence wish to review it at a source if you’re interested.

On how Shookus is traffic with a attention
“She’s enjoying it,” a co-worker of Shookus’ told The Post. “She never wanted to be on camera, yet she’s gentle removing a lot of attention.”

Affleck got her jewelery, his MO
A publicist tighten to a conditions told The Post that Affleck “adorned [Shookus] with gifts . . . all these bracelets and rings. He was here in NYC all a time visiting her and no one knew.”

On how she landed Affleck
“I can’t trust that a lady from nowhere New York busted a Hollywood marriage,” pronounced a publicist tighten to a situation.

Although she’s a pleasing blonde, Shookus is a depart from Affleck’s past revolution of A-list adore interests. “He’s never unequivocally antiquated a unchanging lady before,” pronounced an party publicist who knows Shookus.

“He’s always left for high-profile women. He wants to date people that know and know his life. When you’re a TV producer, we know that [Hollywood] life.”

“Ben unequivocally enjoys [Shookus’] company,” pronounced a crony of a actor’s. “They have a unequivocally good time together. She’s unequivocally smart, and they share a lot of a interests. She’s a film buff, so that clearly always excites him.”

On how good she is during her job
“The purpose that she has during ‘SNL’ now, she is unequivocally most a devoted confidante of all a talent,” pronounced a colleague, who combined that Shookus has taken over a hobnobbing duties.

“Lindsay has grown unequivocally tighten relations with all of [the cast], as good as a [guest] hosts.”

The other famous guys she has dated
In further to Affleck, Shookus has formerly been associated to Jon Hamm, who has hosted 3 times and done 6 guest appearances on “SNL,” according to mixed sources. One insider told The Post of carrying speckled a span looking friendly during a Kanye West unison during Madison Square Garden final September.

The co-worker of Shookus’ pronounced a talent booker is rumored to have antiquated “Sex and a City” star Chris Noth, too.

(Hamm’s repute tells The Post that Shookus and a “Mad Men” star know any other from “SNL” yet “have not dated. They are not friends; they are acquaintances.” Noth’s repute didn’t respond to requests for comment.)

“The [idea of] carrying an event [with Affleck] shortly after she had a child is disgusting,” pronounced a publicist who is tighten to a situation.

They sort-of explain Affleck is solemn yet word it oddly
But Affleck’s crony disregards any such concerns, observant a actor/director — who has been to rehab some-more than once, including a army this year associated to ethanol obsession — is “working unequivocally tough during staying healthy.”

“Lindsay doesn’t have to be sober, and she’s acquire to drink,” a companion added.

[From Page Six]

We knew this about her, we could tell from a photos from a quotes that her people gave that she’s gentle with celebrities, that she loves a courtesy and that she’s perplexing to give off a vibe that she’s not tender with Affleck’s standing and wealth. Also, Affleck’s still celebration right? No one categorically pronounced he’s sober, a source pronounced he’s “working unequivocally tough during staying healthy.” That’s not a same thing! Plus there new photos of him smoking before boarding a private jet yesterday. One clamp during a time though, we get that.

Oh and as distant as Affleck immersion Shookus with valuables – this is his MO. Remember a 10 carat yellow solid rendezvous ring he bought Jennifer Lopez? He got Jennifer Garner a 7 carat solid ring in 2009. Also, Radar had a story that Garner initial detected Affleck’s event with Shookus when a high finish valuables boutique called their residence to scrutinise about a purchase. (Kaiser told me that this same plotline was in a 1986 film Heartburn, with Meryl Streep and Jack Nicholson, about a dissection of Nora Ephron’s marriage, yet it sounds trustworthy anyway.) So maybe Radar got this one right.

This was a still weekend for Ben and Jen. Jen took her kids out to Jessica Biel’s family restaurant, Au Fudge, on Friday. On Sunday it’s reputed that she went to church since her daughter, Violet, was seen entering a church. Jen contingency have slipped by a behind opening with a other dual kids since there aren’t any photos of her with them Sunday that we can find. As we mentioned Ben was seen smoking and removing on a private plane. Given how most courtesy Lindsay has been removing we would gamble good income that he’s pulling divided from her.

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