Padmavati row: Prakash Raj asks ‘who is obliged for such atmosphere’ opposite a film

Prakash Raj, Prakash Raj Padmavati, Prakash Raj sanjay leela bhansali, prakash raj tweet, sanjay leela bhansali padmavatiPrakash Raj, Prakash Raj Padmavati, Prakash Raj sanjay leela bhansali, prakash raj tweet, sanjay leela bhansali padmavati Prakash Raj speaks adult opposite a negativity per a Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial, Padmavati.

Sanjay Leela Bhansal’s magnum opus Padmavati is garnering a adore of a audience, notwithstanding a film being during a receiving finish of hatred, controversies and threats. Ever given it began rolling out, a makers and actors have been witnessing assault and vandalising of a sets. While many domestic leaders kept justifying a annoy over a film, a makers explain that a set of people are giving disastrous reactions though even meaningful a story. But there’s an critical doubt that Prakash Raj raises in his Twitter post. The multilingual actor, who was final seen in Golmaal Again, has voiced his regard and questioned his fans ‘Who is obliged for formulating such atmosphere.’

In a note, he wrote, “To whomsoever it might concern

On a stratagem on ones possess specualtions
You are giveaway to conflict a film set and slap a filmmaker… bake down a sets… form your possess cabinet to bury a film… bluster a recover and stop it…
What do we call such intentions…
Who is obliged for formulating such atmosphere #justasking”

This comes after domestic leaders Uma Bharti and Giriraj Singh reacted over a film’s content.

Union Minister Uma Bharti on Saturday posted an open minute opposite a makers of Padmavati and a film where she mentioned that yet artistes have a leisure of expression, they can't crush facts. “Jab aap kisi aetihaasik tathya standard film banaate hain toh uske contribution ko violate nahin karsakte (You can't violate contribution if we are creation a film on a chronological event).”

She also drew parallels between those who lift out poison attacks and Ranveer Singh’s impression Alauddin Khilji. “Aaj bhi mann chaaha response nahi milne standard kuch larke, larkiyon ke chehre standard tezaab daal dete hain. Woh sab kisi bhi dharm ya jaati ke ho, woh mujhe Alauddin Khilji ke vansaj lagte hain (Even today, if some group do not get their preferred response, they chuck poison on a women’s face. No matter that sacrament or standing they go to, we cruise them as descendants of Alauddin Khilji)”

On a other hand, Giriraj Singh in an talk to ANI, questioned if a executive would have a courage to make a film on any other religion. He said, “Does Sanjay Leela Bhansali or anyone else have a courage to make films on other religions or criticism on them? They make films on Hindu gurus, gods and warriors. We will not endure this anymore.”


The film, starring Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh in a roles of Rani Padmini, Raja Ratan Singh and Allaudin Khilji respectively, is scheduled for Dec 1 release.

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