Pack a Goodies Basket and Try These Unusual Picnic Spots in Delhi


Have fun a aged disseminate way. Pack a basket for one of these noble tour spots in Delhi. 

Remember a good aged days when we used to go for disseminate trips to one of a many sequential sites in Delhi or when a kin used to take us to one of a parks around for a fun day of picnic? It used to be such a grand day for us when we used to lay down a square on a dewy juvenile grass, gobbled the delicious treats that a moms finished generally for a day and played a diversion of Frisbee with a friends or siblings! Won’t we wish those days could return? Well, a time definitely can’t spin behind for us, yet we can definitely gusto such disquiet by sourroundings on a tour in a possess backyard. So, if we are from Delhi, rejoice, for we have for we some of a best tour spots in Delhi that we definitely can’t contend no to.

Take your friends along or relive your childhood with your siblings, or pass onto a newer date a tip recipe of carrying fun sans technology, by holding your family out. One proceed or a another, check these good tour spots in Delhi and make your successive weekend one to remember.

Just 45 kms divided from Delhi, Damadama Lake with a Aravalli hills in a background, provides an idyllic symbol for tour with your family and friends. It is among a largest healthy lakes of Haryana and gives we a eventuality of enjoying boating and tour activities like mill climbing, Tarzan swing, atmosphere criminality sensory and many more.

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At a little widen of 45 kms divided from a ubiquitous airfield of New Delhi, Pratapgarh Farms gives we a outstanding opportunity for repose. It is a holiday finish in the avatar of an secular outpost that lets we believe a facile tillage life of India. The vast activities permitted to we make proceed for an lively and poetic day enlarged tour here.

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Situated in a unequivocally heart of a city, it is one of a many realistic spots of Delhi. With a ideally manicured yard, gentle calm strips and noble gumbads narrating a noble history, Lodhi Gardens are certain to take we to a finished date and modernize we from a inside out with a quietude.  An ideal sourroundings for a happy picnic, it is a place to be to humour a palliate winter afternoon with your preferred ones.

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If we wish to play it serious and familiarize yourself with a genuine nature, thereafter this is a place we ought to be. The expansive, hilly topography of a park is filled with umpteen gorges and ravines and houses several internal category of plants and birds. You can humour a smack from a annoying city rush and assistance yourself with a gentle heat while sitting down on a mill and roaming on a yield from your tour basket.

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Situated about 15 kms divided from Gurugram, a peaceful retreat provides a sanctum to a many ornithologists, trekkers and estuary lovers who can spend hours here bird-watching or walking down a trails. It becomes an generally glorious choice among a many tour spots circuitously Delhi during a winters, due to the congestion of sailing birds that make it their domicile here.

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Situated at Said-Ul-Azaib village, circuitously Mehrauli legacy shred of a city, it is a ideal getaway to unwind. Spread in an area of 20 acres, a place welcomes we with beautifully tended lawns, startling sculptures and occasional pools like that of Neel Bagh with a numerous water lilies. The several food stalls and restaurants can provide a acquire serve to your tour hamper.

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Have your possess favorite tour symbol in Delhi that we would like to tell us about? Let us know in a comments below.


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